Staying at home may seem like a dream for some, but let’s admit it, there are so many distractions at our own place that staying productive these days is harder than ever. Thankfully, tech is here to help and some developers have created a few apps you can use to achieve maximum results! 

Let’s check some of our favorites:


If you’re a fan of lists, this app will be a dream for you. Keep track of all your tasks for the day. Prioritize them by color, share them with members of your team and connect it with other services you use: Dropbox, Slack, etc. The best thing? It is free!!

Download Todoist: Android, iOS

Google Drive

Keep your files with you wherever you are, collaborate with others, and don’t worry about making space in your hard drive! Create folders according to your needs, use spreadsheets, text documents, images, or presentations. The best thing is that you just need your Gmail account to access it. 

Download Google Drive: Android, iOS


Want to be productive, stay away from your phone, and help the planet at the same time? This app makes it possible. Just plant a tree, make sure you stay away from your phone as much time as you can and when you get back you’ll find a wonderful tree… for real. The app’s commitment is to plant actual trees where they are needed. So… what are you waiting for? Let’s go for a forest of productivity!

Download: Forest: iOS, Android


Keeping track of the number of passwords we create every day is impossible nowadays. So, if you want to keep your information safe and with powerful passwords, locked in a single vault you’ll love this app. It will help you save and even create strong passwords for all your accounts. 

Download LastPass: Android, iOS

Spend time on what matters and what is essential and let technology take care of the rest. Let us know if you try any of these apps!



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