Looking for a different type of Thanksgiving holiday? One where you have the option to cook? There are so many things to be grateful for, especially if you treat yourself and your loved ones to a unique and memorable Thanksgiving getaway.

Why Travel for Thanksgiving?

While it once was more traditional to have a home gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving, using the time off to travel somewhere special with your family and loved ones is now a wonderful way to enjoy quality time and express gratitude.

Traveling during the long Thanksgiving weekend doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the traditional American holiday feast, overindulging, or Black Friday sales. Instead, it’s a great opportunity to get cooked for and pampered for a change!

Here are 6 unique Thanksgiving getaways in the US and abroad for families that you won’t want to miss!

  1.   The Dromoland Castle Hotel, Ireland

Ready for a remarkable Thanksgiving? Why not plan one with an Irish twist? Taking a hop over the Atlantic to the breathtaking scenic country of Ireland is sure to make your family gathering feel extra special.

The exceptional Dromoland Castle hotel, close by the Cliffs of Moher, organizes fun-filled holiday activities and a traditional family-style Thanksgiving Day feast. This will be a Thanksgiving that families will be sure to remember!


  1.   The Sagamore Resort, New York

It’s time to say no to a full day in the kitchen this Thanksgiving! The luxurious Sagamore Resort has something better for you and your family in mind…

Its on-site golf course, exclusive spa, and well-equipped recreational center are sure to keep your whole family entertained. They also organize a delicious Thanksgiving feast, so you don’t need to take time away from the most important things this year.


  1.   Blackberry Farm Retreat, Tennessee

Your Thanksgiving home away from home is waiting for you this holiday season!

The Blackberry Farm retreat is in the perfect spot to check out fall foliage this November. Tucked in the Great Smoky Mountains, makes this destination a great place to celebrate this special American holiday.

The farm plans seasonal activities your family will be sure to love and cooks a homemade Thanksgiving meal you will savor.

  1.   Park City, Utah

Time for real relaxation this Thanksgiving holiday…

Park City, Utah’s Montage Deer Valley luxe residences offer private balconies overlooking snowy mountain tops, fireplaces, and more! The hotel also prepares a delightful Thanksgiving meal that will impress all family members for sure.

  1.   Williamsburg, Virginia

Interested in taking your family on more of a historical Thanksgiving getaway? Why not explore the location of America’s first Thanksgiving festival, which started in 1619?

Williamsburg, Virginia is known to be one of America’s “most historic” places. If you are excited by authentic stores, candlelit taverns and George Washington-inspired stories, this town is for you!

  1.   Key West, FL

How does a tropical Thanksgiving sound to you this year?

The temperatures in Florida’s tropical Key West cools down a bit in November, but it’s still warm enough to swim with dolphins, take a jet-ski around the whole island, and enjoy authentic key lime pie around this quaint town.


Whether you are looking for a sunnier Thanksgiving adventure or prefer a cooler pampered home-away-from-home feel, Travalla will help you plan a special holiday your family will always remember. Learn more about Travalla’s irresistible offers and book your Thanksgiving getaway today!


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