Summer means vacation and probably going away from your home equipment or your neighborhood gym… But this doesn’t mean you have to stop doing your daily routine! Thanks to functional training, you can create a safe workout space wherever you go and stay committed to your personal goals. 

OGX curated these five routines you can try at your hotel, AirbnB, or closest outdoors to stay active all summer long!


Gigi Hadid’s Travel Workout

Ever wondered how celebrities keep up with their workout when on tour or in the middle of busy schedules? Well, try Gigi Hadid’s travel routine, it requires no equipment and can be performed at your hotel room, by the poolside, or even at the closest park.

Stay Fit on Vacation

We loved this video by Emi Wong! She shows you how to stay active and make the most out of every location you visit when traveling. YES! The airport, the beach, and even your bed! With this easy routine, you can get some blood pumping and work on your strength.

16-Minute Hotel HIIT

This short but intense routine by the Body Coach TV is perfect when you can only workout at your hotel and want to keep things as quiet as possible (can also apply when you don’t want to wake your partner!). These low-impact, but maximum strength exercises will really make you break a sweat.


Full-Body Hotel Room Workout

Turn your hotel room into a gym by taking advantage of all the furniture and space you have available. This video will give you great ideas to apply on every trip, but also to get active even when you’re lazy about leaving your room.


Tabata Travel Workout

This routine is ideal to do by the pool, on the beach, or in a natural setting of your choice. By practicing Tabata you will work with your own body weight and work muscles you didn’t even know you had. 




Don’t lose your gains while you travel! OGX designed meal plans and workout routines, plus has a powerful and engaging community in the #X4Ever app! Download it now and attain all the goals you set for yourself. 



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