The weather is improving and Spring is the perfect season to refresh your outdoor workout routine! Take advantage of the open space, parks and even your balcony or backyard to activate your muscles, gain strength and flexibility. OGX and the XChallenge have curated some fresh workout routines that are gaining popularity on the internet.


Outdoor HIIT Cardio routine at your Parking lot or Garage

No space? Still on partial lockdown where you are? Your garage or parking lot can work as the perfect place to jumpstart your cardio with a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine. Don’t quit until you complete it! You’ll feel pumped up once you start seeing the gains.



Full Body Park Workout

This friendly routine for beginners and intermediates is perfect for sunny days at the park. Follow Brittany’s instructions and you’ll start sweating within the first minutes. This routine is ideal if you are preparing for strength training or running.




Morning 6-Pack Abs Routine

Want to strengthen your core? Planking can be a great exercise to gain that 6-pack you’re searching for. This routine can be done by anybody and you don’t need any equipment, just bring your mat to the park, your yard or balcony, enjoy the sun and get ready to get sore abs.



Full Body Partner Workout

If you are into social activity and your best friend or partner wants to join your routine, this is a great workout! No equipment is needed, all you need is a mat, the will to have fun and a competitive partner that motivates you to finish strong!



Feel Good Yoga Flow

If you’re more into laid back routines or want to have a rest day to stretch your body, this yoga routine you can make at the beach or wherever you are is guaranteed to energize you and activate your muscles. Release blockages, improve your flexibility, and have a moment of mindfulness with Adrienne.





Staying active is meant to be fun and engaging. Try any or all off these routines and let us know how they go! Don’t forget that ORGANO has products to support a healthy and vital lifestyle, check our special packages and become limitless. 



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