Skincare “spas”  are more than a trend, they are becoming part of our lifestyle and we want you to take advantage of it to make your OG business grow!

Millennials are concerned with sustainability, seeking natural ingredients and cruelty-free products such as beU by ORGANO. So, dare to seize the chance to promote your business by delivering a memorable experience with a pampering session. Here are a few ideas to make it WOW!:

Make the most of your venue

Summer’s in right now and you can take advantage of this season by opening your house to a pampering session to a self-care session. You can also create themed sessions to make them more fun and engaging for your customers! 

Have soft background music, to set the atmosphere and maximize the benefits of the product and get the interest of your audience.  

Make sure all phones are turned off. Also avoid the presence of pets and children, so your guests can really enjoy their pamper session. 

After you have completed your pamper session, taken your bookings and secured who is interested in joining your business,  treat your guests with finger food and drinks. This allows you continue creating friendships with your guests.


Create  Fun Giveaways

Sampling is a vital part to make more sales, how about having fun playing some beU trivia or making a giveaway at the end of your event to make sure everybody stays around for the whole session?


Make it social

Social Media is here to boost your business and reach out to new clients. Go live on Facebook or on YouTube during your pampering session to show new products and give the ones that can’t attend the chance to keep up with the fun and valuable information you have to offer.

Don’t forget to promote your event on My OG Academy!

Recognize and reward

Your guests will be more motivated to assist to your pampering session if they have something to take away from it. Make sure you have enough samples and OG goodies to give to them for their participation if they share some of their experience on social media or even if they bring more people to your session.


Have a gift for future bookings 

People love recognition, have a selection of small gifts for future bookings keep to the beauty theme.  For example, you could order additional beU demo table maps, tote bags, cosmetic pouch, as ideal gifts.  Be sure to gift wrap perhaps with a flower.


Get Feedback

Listening to what your guests have to say is very important to correct what didn’t work, keep working to perfect your presentation to make your next session even better. Encourage feedback by giving back samples, a personal consultation or an invitation to a new event. 

beU by ORGANO is here to give your business the push it needs with high-quality natural solutions for radiant, beautiful and healthier looking skin. Dare to create your own Pampering Session and let us know how it goes!



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.


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