The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we used to relate to different activities in our day, working out has been one of the most affected one, for bad or for good. Fitness is an important part of our journey since it gives us the strength and tone to endure and perform every task, that’s why at OGX we researched on the upcoming trends, so you don’t stay behind and keep up with the most innovative ways to work out in the new year.

Virtual Fitness

Whether you follow a Youtube tutorial or download an app, virtual fitness is here to stay! What is great about it is that you can tailor your workouts according to your needs, time availability and space. Most of the recent changes made in many apps cater to that need of variety.

This change towards virtuality is not only due to the pandemic, but to the need of connecting with people with similar challenges and goals. Did we say that it’s also more convenient and less expensive? Most fitness apps offer economic memberships and subscriptions and even free versions. 

What’s your favorite app? Have you tried the X4Ever app? There you can find a supportive group of individuals like you, who strive to become their better version and achieve a healthy lifestyle with OGX. 

Outdoor Fitness

Avoiding public gatherings at closed spaces may not be convenient now, but outdoor activities are picking up with the new generation thanks to the social distancing possibilities they offer. 

Activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, boot camps and independent runs supported us through the pandemic and provided a way to keep mental and body health in good levels. Add to it, the chance to change scenery and get a breath of fresh air. 



Wearable tech

This has been a growing trend since a few years ago, but it’s bound to really pick up in 2021 thanks to the need for information, data and in-depth look at physical activity due to the pandemic. 

Keeping track of your fitness goals has never been easier! Devices such as your phone, smart watch or other gadgets allow you to personalize your routines, stay on track with your objectives and even take remedial measures in case you’re at risk. 



As you see, fitness is transforming according to the times and you have to do it too! OGX supports your dynamic lifestyle with products that help you achieve whatever goal you set yourself to, whichever trend you are most curious about. How has your daily fitness routine transformed in the last months? Share your comments with us on our social media channels! #X4Ever



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