“Where does the time go?”

Didn’t it used to stand still?

Life was such a breeze until we were asked to make some major life decisions; from school, maybe a career, or perhaps a family.

And just like that, the most prized commodity you’d taken for granted your whole life is redistributed and fanned out until there is almost none left at the end of each day.

Prioritizing time is a matter of weighing responsibilities and allotting each an appropriate slot.

More often than not, “entertainment” and “recreation” are the first priorities slipped into the “maybe” column because they don’t pay the bills.

Ask yourself, “Why are fun and health not a top priority?”

Feeling good, letting your hair down, rejuvenating the mind and body, continuous retrospection, goal setting and trying to maintain some life balance doesn’t come with an annual salary, but it’s absolutely crucial for many reasons.

  1. Prevents certain diseases
  2. Improves mood and energy levels
  3. Reduces stress
  4. Increases social, cognitive and motor skills

It’s noble to part with your most precious resource for greater responsibility and for others.

Such selflessness creates opportunity for new passions, growth and a brighter future for not just you but those you care about.

A lifestyle that consists of a turntable of hard choices, accountability and responsibility should however include YOUR mental and physical upkeep.

Certainly you owe it to yourself and those you love to make your well-being a significant part of your life.

Is it time for some tweaks and some change in your routine?

Is it time to restructure priorities?

Is it time to bring yourself back into the equation and take care of your needs too?

Every life altering decision you’ve up to this point necessitated changes.

With each change, you’ve been forced to evolve and adapt.

With each evolution, you progressed and grew; sometimes without even knowing it.

Like the storied Phoenix, you put off the old you and transformed into an unrecognizable, improved version of yourself.

We’re asking you now to rise yet again to the challenge.

Prioritize, but where you once made 3 days to the gym- make 4.

Where you once made 30 minutes a day to exercise, find 60 minutes.

Where you once watched TV after dinner, go on a walk.

Time diminishes, so what you do have, take hold of it.

Find it in the nooks and crannies; between carpooling kids, weekend mornings, maybe lunch time.

Find it and use it to make you healthier, stronger and happier.

They say “Time waits for no one,” but it will go anywhere and do anything with you.

Rise every morning and take it for a ride.

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