Last year brought and continued with some of the trendiest diets. Now that you’re motivated to follow your weight-loss goals to win amazing prizes, you might be tempted to try some of them, so let’s go over each of them to see how effective they are for you.

Raw Food Diet

This diet consists of eating unprocessed or raw foods that have never been heated over 48°C, with the belief that high temperatures destroy some crucial enzymes and nutrients. This diet has it right on avoiding refined sugars and eating raw, washed vegetables and fruits to benefit your health. However, it presents a health risk when promoting the consumption of unpasteurized dairy products and raw eggs, meat, and fish.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet promotes a high consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and olive oil. With this, it aims to decrease your intake of saturated fats, which are linked to overweight and obesity, and increase your consumption of monounsaturated fats, which are healthier for the heart. The pros of this diet are that it promotes an active lifestyle, lowers your cholesterol levels, and even lets you have moderate amounts of wine. However, some people sticking to a strict regime might find it troubling, as it doesn’t specify the quantities of food to have, jut the distribution of nutrients per meal.

Juice Fasting

The idea of this diet is to substitute all solid foods with vegetable and fruit juices for a week to promote a healthy detox. By drinking natural juices instead of whole fruits and veggies can help absorb nutrients better. However, juice fasting removes the healthy fiber from your diet, leaving behind higher amounts of sugar that can affect your sugar levels. Most importantly, you can lose a lot of weight during this one-week-diet, only to recover it when you go back to solid meals.

Whole 30

The popular Whole30 Diet consists of restarting you to healthy habits in just 30 days by cutting off highly processed foods and any ingredient that might make you feel bloated. As all the previous diets, the highlight of this regime is that it gets of processed foods and refined sugar. However, it also cuts legumes, grains, and dairy which deprive you of a proper intake of iron, calcium, essential vitamins, and fiber, without any scientific proof that this cut may benefit your health.

Ketogenic Diet

Probably the most popular diet from last year, the ‘keto’ diet promotes eating more fats, a good amount of protein, and fewer carbs. The point of this diet is to induce your body to be on a ketogenic state, meaning that it will burn calories of fats instead of carbs. The advantages of this diet are that you’d be getting an excellent amount of protein in your body from healthier meats and vegetables. The downside is that you’d also be reducing your consumption of healthy carbs, such as most fruits and some vegetables.

So, looking at the pros and cons of each of these diets, there are a few suggestions we have for you to start a real healthy-eating routine. First of all, don’t think of your new habits as a diet, but as a change to a healthier lifestyle that you’ll continue for a long term. Also, don’t remove from out diet proteins, fats, or carbs completely. Instead, learn how calories work to know how to balance them correctly. Try to eat mostly whole foods and drink tea and coffee, avoiding added sugars, processed foods, and pop soda. Detox your body regularly on a healthy way using the right detoxifying products, and replace one or two meals a day with an OGX Nutritional Shake to get the nutrients you need to energize your day and support your body’s health.

Finally, exercise regularly and take advantage of our weight management kits promotions to keep your body on top shape for 2019!



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