Did you know that cleaning your house or apartment can count as a workout? YES! We’re not kidding! After all, physical activity can be included in any part of your day and not just at the gym or treadmill. 

Today OGX presents this curated list of home workouts you can do as you clean your house and do some other chores. Kill two birds with one stone and get active right now!


The House Workout

Lizzy Williamson understands not all of us have time to actually go to the gym for 30 or 45 minutes, so she created this special routine with heart-pumping exercises that will activate your muscles and work on your strength and tone!


Get fit while doing housework

Cleaning floors, windows and even cleaning the dust from all surfaces can turn into the perfect routine if you know which movements to exaggerate and how to activate your muscles the proper way in this 8-minute video. Then it gives you a few tips and the science behind each one of them!

How to exercise while cleaning

Another quick and dynamic routine to turn the sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping into exercise for your legs and arms, breaking a nice sweat while your house gets impeccable. This routine is suited for all ages and spaces, just how we like it!




Household chores turned into exercises

If you have some sort of mobility limitation or if you want to start slow, but steady on your journey towards a more active routine, this video is for you. Physical therapist David Salinas shows you safe and smart ways to turn chores into a workout routine.


Staying active for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis can help you start gaining strength and endurance for even more elaborate routines. Combine any of these with healthy nutrition based on protein and fiber with OGX FENIX and you’ll start seeing the transformation in a matter of weeks! Accept the challenge and transform your life. #X4Ever


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