There are so many places to see and dishes we remain to taste! COVID-19 may have paused some of our plans for vacation, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to savor some of the unique tastes the places you’ve yet to visit have to offer!

That’s why Travalla has prepared this tasty list with some dishes you need to try from exotic, enticing places you need to visit later. Try them at home, travel with your tastebuds, and save the place of origin for your bucket list!

Chili Colorado – Mexico

Taste the colorful and savory flavors of Mexico! This Chili Colorado recipe is very popular in the north of the country and has the perfect mix of chilies with pork. 

Now, to prepare your Mexican trip, how about visiting the Mayan Riviera or getting lost in the history and adventure of Teotihuacán? Add these places to your bucket list with Travalla!



Shoyu Ramen – Japan

Let’s stop in Asia, where a delicious Shoyu Ramen is waiting for us! This traditional broth was born in the XVIII century and now is a worldwide delight. Learn how to prepare your homemade version! 

And now that you’re at it, add Tokyo as one of your next destinations! It’s wonderful weather, picturesque gardens, Mount Fuji, and entertainment options make it one of the most entertaining capitals in the world!



Butter Chicken – India

Now, in a different and even spicier part of Asia, we find the traditional butter chicken from India. This dish has its origins in Delhi in the 20th century (Pretty recent!). Also known as Murgh Makhani in Hindi this is the perfect recipe to share with your family during the summer. 

And for your future India trip, don’t forget to stop in the city of Delhi and delight with its many attractions: Jama Masjid, Lodi Gardens, and Qutab Minar are just a few of the marvels you can come across. 



Check out this space for more dishes and ideas and don’t forget that Travalla allows you to plan your travel and check out those items from your bucket list. Just get ready and plan for when the moment is right!



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