There are 195 countries in the world, and you’ve likely had your eyes set on visiting one or more of them in your lifetime. Some are steeped in ancient history, some are tropical and laid back, and some are downright breathtaking. All have one thing in common though. After you step foot in them, they become a part of you forever, leaving an imprint on your heart and in your memories. And often, the cultural experiences change your entire perspective of the world around you. 


That’s all part of the thrill of taking an adventure. That, and seeing things you’ve never seen before. Just imagine someone who lives in the tropics experiencing the awe of snow-capped mountains, or someone who spent their lives in a landlocked country finally hearing the ocean roar. No matter your travel or life background, the world can always surprise you, and it always has an adventure waiting for your discovery.


Whether you’re looking to hike summits, relax at a spa or sail across the ocean, there are destinations that appeal to all types of travelers. And we have a list of countries below to help inspire your next dream vacation. Keep reading to learn more about five countries you should add to your bucket list. If you’re like many people, the more you travel, the more and more you’ll want to do it again. 




The List: Top 5 Countries To Have On Your Bucket List   


  1. INDIA

Mumbai and Kashmir are two popular destinations to visit in India, and there’s a good reason why.


Actually, there are four reasons alone just to visit Mumbai:  

  1. History: From ancient civilizations to a complex colonial past, Mumbai brims with remnants of the past. 
  2. Architecture: Mumbai will delight anyone who appreciates architecture with its landmark buildings and present-day stunners.
  3. Beaches: Mumbai is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, and because of that, there are tons of beaches to enjoy. 
  4. Nature: The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is rich with rare flora and fauna in addition to a roaring resident tiger population.


And Kashmir is a stunningly scenic region! There are five places that will absolutely take your breath away: 

  1. Sonamarg: Nestled among mountains and glaciers, this place was once the gateway of the Silk Road. It’s now coined the “Meadow of Gold,” and is accessible during the summer months.
  2. Gulmarg: Snow-capped mountains make this one of the best skiing destinations in India. And the Gulmarg Gondola is the second-highest cable car in the world. 
  3. Pahalgam: This is the perfect spot to take a hike or do some fishing! It’s also the starting point of the annual pilgrimage to the Amarnath holy cave. 
  4. Dal Lake: Called the “Jewel in the crown of Kashmir,” this is the summer capital of tourism.
  5. The Tulip Garden: The Dutch aren’t the only ones famous for their tulips. This garden is actually the largest in Asia and incredibly beautiful.  



Of course, when you think about Greece, you think about Athens! Here’s what you cannot miss on a trip to the ancient city:

  1. The Acropolis: You’ll want to spend 4+ hours there! It features the famed Theatre of Dionysus, numerous temples and the Parthenon. 
  2. Plaka: This Athens neighborhood is home to cute colored buildings, cobbled streets and pretty laneways. It inspires romance and is a photographer’s dream.
  3. Ancient Agora: This is the old market in Greece. You won’t find any goods there today, but you will discover how long-ago citizens lived.
  4. The National Garden: At this garden, you’ll have an amazing outdoor experience without leaving the city. It has a variety of vegetation and a small zoo with animals, such as goats, tortoises and exotic birds.
  5. The Temple of Zeus: This landmark has weathered time since 170 BC! The original pillars are actually still there and quite impressive in size.  


  1. JAPAN

Add Japan to your bucket list (if it’s not already on it!), and stop in Kyoto for a rejuvenating hot spring bath. The thermal waters are considered therapeutic, and they’ll help replenish you after a long day of exploring and sightseeing. They are also a classic winter experience in Japan and will give you a refreshing view of Japanese culture. 


The three most-recommended hot springs in Kyoto are:

  1. Kurama Onsen: It has an outdoor tub that is surrounded by forested mountains, and it refreshes the body as well as the mind. 
  2. Tenzan no yu: Featuring both indoor and outdoor bathing areas, this hot spring is reputed to have a variety of healing benefits.
  3. Fufu no yu: As a naturally alkaline hot spring, the waters are thought to be effective for skin care, muscle pain and neuralgia. It has both indoor and open-air baths, as well as a sauna.  



The Out Islands are the islands that make up The Bahamas, with the exception of New Providence Island and Grand Bahama Island. And there are four far-out things to do in The Out Islands:

  1. Pig beach excursion: Pet the swimming pigs, world-renowned for their cuteness. 
  2. Explore by speedboat or sailboat: All aboard! Easily travel from island to island by boat.
  3. Snorkel at Pink Sands Beach: See what’s under the sea with your snorkel, and check out the famous pink sandy beach.
  4. Swim/dive at Thunderball Grotto: Get in the water at a cave that’s so cool, it’s been in TWO James Bond movies! 



There are so many things to do in Canada. After all, it’s the world’s second-largest country! But we highly recommend visiting beautiful Banff in Alberta. There are three non-negotiables that you must do there:

  1. Banff Gondola: Ride the Gondola to its summit, where you’ll see sweeping views of six mountain ranges. 
  2. Lake Louise: In summer, float a canoe in the pristine water. And in winter, grab your ice skates. 
  3. Hike: Banff is home to some of the most scenic trails in the world. So, we say: Take a hike!


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