A few weeks ago, we asked you a simple question:

Are you ready for a challenge?

And the response was overwhelming. Not only is OG Nation ready for a challenge, but you want the challenge RIGHT NOW.

That’s why we’re happy to introduce the X Challenge – the ultimate weight loss challenge that helps you become the best version of you and live X4ever.

Now, you probably have a lot of questions, like:

What is the X Challenge?

How do I sign up?

Where can I get more information?

What rewards are being offered?

When is the next Beyonce album coming out?

The answer to nearly all of your questions, can be found right here — X4ever.club

Browse around this website and learn everything you need to know about this challenge. But if you want just the main points, because everything falls under the ‘TL;DR’ category, then here’s what you need to know:

  • There are two stages: FENIX and X4Ever
  • When you start, you’ll enter the FENIX stage where you’ll make a weight loss goal and use the OGX product line to help you reach it
  • Once you reach your goal, and subsequently earn rewards along the way, you will move into the X4Ever stage where you can maintain your FENIX and live a healthy and active lifestyle for the rest of your life

As you go through the challenge, here’s what you can expect:

  • You will start living a healthier and more active lifestyle
  • You will earn rewards as you progress through the challenge*
  • You will become the best version of you

*Rewards include, but are not limited to: ‘I Lost’ tshirts, X Challenge branded merchandise (bags, hats, towels, etc.), social media recognition, and an opportunity to win a trip for 2 at a 5-star hotel.

Does this sound like a challenge you can get into? Is this the challenge you need to make 2017 YOUR year?

If so, then what are you waiting for?

Take the challenge, find your FENIX, and become X4Ever.

SIGN UP AT X4ever.club

Helpful Links


Brochure and FAQ

Community Page

Note: As for the release of a new Beyonce album, we don’t have any information at this time. We will agonizingly wait patiently, just like you.

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