A new milestone has been reached! Today we will learn about Tania Botha from South Africa, our latest Star Achiever highlight. Read her story!


Tania Botha is originally from South Africa, lived in Taiwan for a couple of years and is now a proud resident and soon to be New Zealand citizen! Becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t in her plans, since she had always been interested in working with children by becoming a teacher. She had the opportunity to teach in South Africa, Taiwan and now in New Zealand. Working with the little ones fills her days with joy and positivity, but she also made space for a new passion: ORGANO.


She joined in 2020 and has learned tons in the process, “One of the main lessons has been to understand that what you put is what you’ll get. Investing in yourself and your own business is essential. Also, learning about the products has been great. This is a business where you build a relationship with people by helping them to live healthy lives by using natural products. It’s a lifestyle, it’s not just selling products.”


From the start she harnessed the power of online and offline techniques to reach out to more audiences, “I love talking to people and building those crucial relationships makes my business flourish and of course using the products. I recently received the beU Jojoba Anti Aging Serum as a gift because I won the incentive challenge and I LOVE IT!!!” Getting that first test yourself can go a long way in being a testimonial of the products you sell.


Her pieces of advice for anyone who wants to join this auspicious industry are:


First, don’t ever give up, this industry has its ups and downs and you may get to think this is not for me. Make some space, take a breather, and come back stronger. You can always reach out to your upline for advice! 

Second: Have a relationship with every client – you need to know them well enough to suggest what they really need to improve their lives.

Follow up – every time someone comments on your posts you need to answer and always follow up with people interested and want to buy the products.


What’s next for Tania? She is aiming high! She wants to go Platinum by January 2022, and enjoy more time at home with her family and have little luxuries here and there. We have no doubts that this is going to happen. Congratulations!

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