Consistency and excellence are what makes a true Star Achiever at ORGANO, and we want to start highlighting these promising Distribution Partners that go above and beyond to reach their monthly goals! 


Today we have Karen Theimer’s story, a Massage Therapist located in Queensville, Ontario. 

Five years ago Karen had an epiphany on the day of her birthday, life was going by fast and she wasn’t feeling satisfied: she got divorced after 16 years of marriage and was wondering how to make a living with a lot of debt and the income from her Massage Therapy business. Organo came up to her constantly for weeks and she took this as a sign, an opportunity knocking on her door, “the universe kept bringing Organo into my life week after week… Till I finally took a Leap of Faith and said “Yes” to the business opportunity”.

That positive response took her on the adventure of a lifetime, “This journey has been absolutely amazing!! I finally feel like I am part of a community that lifts my spirits and allows me freedom to be me. I feel healthier than I have ever been. I finally feel like I have a purpose and get to help many people around the world find their freedom whatever that looks like to them. I get to travel around the world and still get paid without closing down my business. I  call this a Personal Development Program with a compensation plan”.

Her compromise and hard work took her to the Star Achiever level recently, and renewed her commitment to her OG business, “I feel grateful and happy to be recognized each month and energetically it helps my team grow as well by all of us reaching Star Achiever each month. It keeps me accountable to make sure I never forget to place my order and reminds me of how many people’s lives I am changing.” 

For Karen this is the first step of many with ORGANO, her ambition is growing and now is aiming for Emerald rank and a bigger social media game. Dreaming played a big part on her bet, but also on the success of her work, now the dreams are growing, “I want to be able to rent a Villa in Costa Rica for a couple of months every year and run  Leadership Camps for a week or two with a private chef for all of us! How much fun would that be??”

We’re sure you’re going to make it Karen! With consistency and effort anything is possible. 


Feeling inspired by Karen? You too can become a Star Achiever!

To become a Star Achiever, you must produce a total of 450 PQV or more every month. This is a combination of your retail orders plus your personal product order. 

To Become a Super Star Achiever Distributor, you must have four personally sponsored Distributors who are also Star Achievers in the same month.


It’s that easy! 

Distributors who reach the 12 Star Achiever mark, earn a customized Bulova watch, as a way to recognize their efforts for consistently earning their star, every month, for a whole year (one time only). 

In addition to the Star Achiever program, we also recognized those with “Perfect Attendance”. These are Star and Super Star Achievers who never missed an order of 450 PQV! Out of the pool of all who qualified for Perfect Attendance, one is chosen to be recognized on stage and receive a Perfect Attendance award.


Become a leader and inspire others on your journey to success with ORGANO.


Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.


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