Sam and Pat Schumacher have been ORGANO™ Distributors for quite some time. Making the decision to dedicate their time to ORGANO™ was not an easy ride. The Schumachers, also heavily involved in their own community events, were not originally fully dedicated to ORGANO™.

This past year, Sam and Pat learned the importance of attending every possible leadership event, after feeling a sense of loss in their business, by not attending an ORGANO™ event that they qualified for in July of 2016. They instead attended a community event in their hometown, but realized that ORGANO™ events, like the one that they missed, can never be replaced, and that is one of the most important messages they have learned in the past year.

Sam and Pat made the decision to take their OG business to the next level, no matter the consequences of their traditional business, before even attending UTX 2017. But, the event impacted the Schumachers in a very big way. Making the decision to qualify, they put their minds to making it happen by sharing the message of ORGANO™, sampling, following up, and showing the plan to as many people as possible.

And they DID make it happen, with hard work and dedication! At the event, the Schumachers were honored to be chosen as a spotlight Distributor, and when they announced the KEYS promotion, they knew that it was their time to shine. The UTX event helped the Schumachers to set new goals and aspirations. “We have been telling everyone around us that soon, Sam and I would be driving a black Mercedes, and that our OG Company would be paying the payments.” Thanks to their hard work and dedication, they will be making that dream happen within the next few months.

Sam and Pat look to Mr. Bernie Chua, Mr. Shane Morand, and Mr. Holton Buggs for leadership in the company. On a day-to-day basis, the Schumachers look to Mr. Stephen Nilsen, Mrs. Deanna Nilsen, Mrs. Casey Nilsen-Martin, and Mr. Rod Smith as daily inspiratiom in their business. Ultimately, Sam and Pat find motivation to succeed in their children and grandchildren. “We don’t want our children and grandchildren to have to worry about how we are going to survive.”

Helping 10 people through sampling is Sam Schumacher’s target in his OG business, and Pat looks to the Lord to show her those that she can impact and help daily. Their advice to new Distributors is to know that every day you wake is an opportunity to be a “new” Distributor, and to treat each day as a new beginning. “Sip – Share – Sample because everyone, without exception, needs to hear the story of OG.  And NEVER – NEVER – NEVER Quit!”


Sam and Pat Schumacher made the decision to achieve the Sapphire rank, and smashed that goal in March. They have recruited 6 since the announcement, and are well on their way to recruiting their goal of 10, thanks to their ZONE 1. “We sample while working our regular business, we are learning to follow up with those samples and we are trying to teach and impress upon our business partners to do the same.” The Schumachers will not stop at Sapphire. They have big goals to continue their way to Diamond by EXPO 2017, “by becoming the best leaders we can, and helping as many people as we can achieve their own personal and business goals.”




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