2020 might have been the year to stay safe at home, but 2021 is the year to explore your surroundings without necessarily taking planes and see the world safely from your car. Travalla created a special guide for you to explore the US and make the most of that wanderlust without risking your health or wallet. 

Today, we have a few essential tips and ideas you need to take into account when preparing and doing your road trip. Check them out and let’s hit the road!

Plan your trip

First you need to choose a destination… But don’t worry! We got you covered! Travalla curated a series of experiences for all tastes. We’ve put together a complete US Road Trip Guide you can download here to see the most amazing sights in the US… How about The Poconos? Or the historic Route 66? You pick the destination, and we help you find the best deals in hotels and activities!

Pack Wisely

Now it’s time to make it real by starting to get ready. Picking the right stuff to bring with you may be tricky, but there are many solutions and hacks you can try. Our favorite is this video by Wavgretzky with 30 essentials for a cross-country trip. Remember to bring all necessary safety equipment such as first-aid kit, face masks and sanitizer!

Make it kid-friendly

Road trips can take a toll on the little ones if they feel it is a boring thing, that’s why you need to plan activities and stops to make it an entertaining experience. This video by WhatsUpmom has some cool ideas you can try with your kids.

Don’t lose your mind over the details

There is always a solution for those little mishaps that may occur during your road trip, whether your trip is long or short. Avoid disaster and become a McGyver with some everyday things you have at home to create simple hacks that will make your trip safer and better.

Don’t forget the snacks

Sometimes stopping or finding a good restaurant isn’t easy and you need to get nourished along the way. Tasty has some cool ideas for snacks you can try and bring to your trip. Don’t forget to pack your OG essentials as well!



We got you ready and covered, now it is time for you to start your own adventure and dare to explore. What’s your next destination?



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