Have you heard of our Red Zone Opportunity Calls?

Gather all your energy and bring out the best of you in the last days of May!

To take advantage of this last few days of the month, Holton Buggs has created the Red Zone Opportunity calls. What is that?

These calls are unique mentorship, hosted by some of our most distinguished Leaders, are meant to maximize your business opportunities. Each day, you’ll be learning how to benefit from the sponsorships, understanding the perks of the incentives, and of course, connecting with the OG Leaders and getting the best advice from them, no matter where you are!

Want to get the best out of the last days of May?

It’s simple and free!

  • Use the app to log in, or call  +1 408 638 0968, or from Canada +1 647 558 0588.
  • Type down the unique Webinar ID for that night’s call.
  • Connect with a different Leader every night.

Important things to remember about the Red Zone Opportunity Calls

  • The calls are every night at 8pm Central Time.
  • You can listen to the calls from everywhere in the world. You just need to have Internet access.
  • Each call is hosted by a different OG Leader each night.
  • Each webinar has a unique ID, so be sure to type the particular number for that night’s call.

Who is hosting the Red Zone opportunity call ?

These are Diamonds and Elite Diamonds hosting the calls every night:

Steve Martin

Rod Smith

Robert Rakowski

Edwin Haynes

Samuel Bean

Casey Nilsen Martin

Riguvilda Avila

Pablo Avila

John Sachtouras

Emmanuel Bernstein

Dates and Webinar ID numbers

Monday May 21st 6 PM PST (8 PM CST)

Webinar ID: 722-630-419

Link to join: https://organo.zoom.us/j/722630419


Tuesday May 22nd 6 PM PST (8 PM CST)

Webinar ID: 578-812-552

Link to join: https://organo.zoom.us/j/578812552


Wednesday May 23 6 PM PST (8 PM CST)

Webinar ID: 718-272-526

Link to join: https://organo.zoom.us/j/718272526


Thursday May 24 6 PM PST (8 PM CST)

Webinar ID: 848-530-334

Link to join: https://organo.zoom.us/j/848530334


Friday May 25th 6 PM PST (8 PM CST)

Webinar ID: 959-431-458

Link to join: https://organo.zoom.us/j/959431458


Saturday May 26th 6 PM PST (8 PM CST)

Webinar ID: 611-830-782

Link to join: https://organo.zoom.us/j/611830782


Sunday May 27th 2 PM PST (4 PM CST)

Webinar ID: 168-349-581

Link to join: https://organo.zoom.us/j/168349581


Monday May 28th 6 PM PST (8 PM CST)

Webinar ID: 389-409-509

Link to join: https://organo.zoom.us/j/389409509


Tuesday May 29th 6 PM PST (8 PM CST)

Webinar ID: 674-208-965

Link to join: https://organo.zoom.us/j/674208965


Wednesday May 30th 6 PM PST (8 PM CST)

Webinar ID: 258-379-683

Link to join: https://organo.zoom.us/j/258379683


Thursday May 31st 10  AM PST (12 PM CST)

Webinar ID: 517-494-154

Link to join: https://organo.zoom.us/j/517494154


Thursday May 31st 2  PM PST (4 PM CST)

Webinar ID: 954-691-916

Link to join: https://organo.zoom.us/j/954691916


Thursday May 31st 4  PM PST (6 PM CST)

Webinar ID: 503-720-129

Link to join: https://organo.zoom.us/j/503720129

What are you waiting for? Tune in to the Red Zone Opportunity Calls tonight and get the best out of the last days of May!



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