We all know that in order to achieve great things, we have to take risks and we have to make changes. However, not everyone is willing to put in the work to make those changes. Many people let fear stand in the way of taking risks. It’s those that face the fear, make the changes, and put in the work that receive all the benefits of reaching their goals.

Pablo and Riguvilda Avila are people who took the risk and made the changes to achieve their dreams. After many job changes, going back to school to obtain a diploma, — they were living with many limitations. Because of their natural entrepreneurial spirit, Pablo and Riguvilda invested all their savings to start their own business, but after 4 years they were forced to file bankruptcy. At this low point in their lives, they were presented with the ORGANO™ opportunity and decided to take the risk. “We decided to take this opportunity without experience, just relying on it as a response from God to our prayers. This happened in 2011 and after 5 and a half years we can talk about a radical, but positive change. “

Through the ORGANO™ experience, Riguvilda and Pablo learned the concept of financial freedom — a business philosophy they teach to their team. They coach their team to concentrate not on how much they spend, but how much they receive as profit. You can earn $ 1 million but if you spend that million or more, you do not have any use for it and there is no point in any effort you make ” they say.

Riguvilda and Pablo learned first hand that achieving this goal takes a lot of work but if you do it consistently, faithfully, and — above all — are willing to share the benefits of ORGANO ™ with many people — you will receive the rewards.  You will help others also to achieve their dreams along the way.

“Since joining ORGANO™, we now we have a house and  a car since that offers us a sense of real freedom. The best thing is that we can share that freedom with many more people.”

The Avila’s make the most of every training opportunity that ORGANO™ offers them and set new goals for each event. Since the P50K event in 2011, they have attended all the training sessions with Holton Buggs. Pablo and Riguvilda value that Buggs not only speaks about emotions, but also gives a real and rational message that helps them to visualize towards the future and to set new goals for the futures. They say the trainings have “opened up new and amazing horizons”.

At the last UTX in Las Vegas, they were impressed by the presence of a group of young Italian Distributors. One of them just 20 years old and his way to Diamond.  and talks and expresses himself with great confidence. The eloquent and confident mans was part of a group of about 100 people, while Riguvilda and Pablo had taken 70 people. “At that moment we understood how important it is to lead our team to listen and live the experience of an ORGANO™ event, since then it is much easier to execute all the promotions that are launched. “

When asked about role models, Riguvilda said: “Our direct mentor is José Ardon is an inspiration because with so little academic preparation  he has managed to be very successful — while still being a very humble person. Humility is very important, because it helps us to overcome the obstacles that always present themselves. We consider Holton Buggs to be a role model for family and cultivating a successful marriage.”

When asked about their next goals, Riguvilda and Pablo replied: “Our first goal to become a Diamond took us 5 years to materialize and strength to overcome many obstacles. Now our new goal for the next 5 years is to achieve 10 Diamonds. We are focused on helping 10 people hit Diamond status. For Expo 2017 we will work hard to become Blue Diamond, having at least 2 Diamonds, an Emerald, and multiple Rubies and Sapphires on our team.”

The pair says they always project to the future. “That has been taught here in ORGANO ™ and that is essential to continue growing. A person without goals does not get anywhere, it’s like playing football without a goalie. “

New Distributors are encouraged to find their “why”, have a clear plan and goal, and then put it into practice. “But we can not teach them if they are not clear where they want to go and why they are doing it.”

“Also, if you follow the ORGANO™ System, you will reach the goal, even if your leaders do not continue with you. We were left with 3 leaders on the way, but since we were clear about where we wanted to go and we still did it.  ORGANO™ it gives us the tools to follow and reach the dream. Success does not depend on the opinion of others, success is personal. “

Finally, they recognize that their main motivation has been their family’s  well-being. They work hard and seize opportunities, so as not to go through economic difficulties again. You just have to work hard and face the “risks” that others do not want to take.

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