This past Thursday at ORGANO™’s corporate office in British Columbia, everyone suited up in their best denim for Jeans Day, 2017, in support of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, which supports the urgent needs of sick and injured children in the Province. The Foundation works to purchase life-saving equipment, provides funds for research into childhood diseases and ailments, and provides funding for a range of staff and community child health education programs.

Jeans Day originated in 1991, when it was still customary to wear more formal clothing to work on any typical work day. Jeans Day not only raised money for sick children, but gave people an incentive to dress down. Nowadays, it has become increasingly popular to have a more casual dress code. So this year, citizens of British Columbia were asked to dress in denim from head to toe and head to work in their best “Canadian tuxedo.”

For some, showing their support for the foundation by wearing denim was enough, but not for ORGANO™! The event raises money for the Foundation by selling buttons for $5.00 each. ORGANO™ corporate contributed $3.00 for every button sold at the office, which allowed employees to purchase the buttons for only $2.00 each. Many employees participated, making it a fun and meaningful event for everyone in the office.

This is the second year that ORGANO™ has participated in this event. Thanks to its great success at the office, ORGANO™ plans to participate in the event every year, helping to better the lives of sick and injured children in British Columbia. A huge THANK YOU to all OG workers – and supporters – who participated in this amazing event!


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