UNITE 2021 is around the corner and we’re back with a round of tips for you to implement during the event! Being online doesn’t mean you cannot reach out and tap into the wisdom and knowledge of our amazing speakers or other attendants, but there is a trick to it: networking wisely.

Check our recommendations and get ready for the best weekend of the year with ORGANO!

Engage in a genuine way

When it comes to networking, authenticity is EVERYTHING. Share your curiosity and goals and don’t forget to attend the event with a “why” in mind. Engage in conversation, show curiosity about the other people and practice active listening. People know when we are ourselves because we leave behind all traces of anxiety and dare to show our colors.



Share your knowledge and become a problem solver

Great connections are forged when we have something to offer to the other people and it brings value to their lives. To make sure you bring value, listen to people, their worries, fears and needs. See where you fit and how you can provide aid, ideas or just a piece of advice (if requested). You’re not promising them anything but a helping hand and during these unprecedented times it will be appreciated.

Find the best way to connect

The event may be on an online setting but that doesn’t mean you will have to keep all your connections online. Ask your counterpart what is their preferred way to connect. You’ll be surprised to see that some prefer a phone call, others will choose an email or a simple text message. Adjust your strategy and be flexible, the important part is gaining valuable connections to make your business grow, learn new things or even get some inspiration.


Don’t forget Social Media

All the connections you make on your online networking event can be amplified and exploited in a better way when you connect through social media. it gives you the perfect excuse to share valuable content, break the ice and keep the conversation going once the event is over. Like their posts, comment and engage naturally. It doesn’t have to become your main activity of the day (priorities!) but dedicating a few minutes a day to nurture those relationships will bring excellent results in the future. 

It’s time! We’re sure you will enjoy an event full of interesting conversations, powerful insights and amazing discoveries to kickstart your 2021 with all the wisdom you need.   Register today!



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