Rosa Maria Huamani, our Peruvian Sapphire living in Connecticut is an example of consistency and an inspiring story for all Distribution Partners! She reached her Sapphire rank recently and is ready to take over the world with her positive attitude and team spirit. 


Rosa’s ORGANO journey started three years ago, when Mrs Irma Diaz told her about the OG Opportunity. She gave the products a try, fell in love with them and decided to earn more income working from home, as she also performed her duties as a housekeeper, her former job.


This inspiring woman, mother of 3 and grandmother of 2, decided to commit to her growth in the company, “I have been preparing myself with self-development books as well as studying on the OG presentation and calls. In December 2019 Ms. Blanca Sachtouras was talking on a panel “Conversaciones de Exito, “and she spoke of the importance of “Reinventing” yourself in order to become a better version of you. I began to feel like it was my moment to make a change for my family and me.”


That’s why in January 2020, she decided to go all in to reach VIP status… and she did it! But the global COVID-19 Pandemic posed a challenge for Rosa, “when the pandemic started I lost 10 of my housekeeping clients due to the quarantine. At the same time, my sister was showing signs of sickness and we feared that it was COVID-19 that was spreading throughout NY and Connecticut. We decided to self-quarantine ourselves separately in our own rooms. While in my bedroom I put all my attention to Organo and making an income to survive through this season.”


That was how ORGANO became the livelihood of these two women, “When my sister’s health started to improve, she aimed to achieve the Star Achievers program. We started to connect together and put all of our efforts in OG. We knew we had a lot of support from our OG leaders, as well as all the resources from the OG Academy and OG Latinos Unidos calls.” With a proactive approach and a great use of her connections, Rosa finally reached her Sapphire rank and her sister ranked up to Platinum Elite.


Rosa’s schedule is structured, designed to make the most out of each day, “Everyday I aim to increase my contact list for potential clients. I do Zoom presentations and connect to the OG calls. I make some time for my team by doing 3-way phone calls with potential leaders and teach them how to do presentations.” And even when retail has slowed for her slightly due to the pandemic, this Sapphire has found ways of getting positive outcomes from challenging times. 


Now, her next challenge is to reach the Black Diamond rank, “I know it may take me some time, but I am determined to work hard and help others along the way.  I want to bring the business to my country, Peru, and change people’s lives with this life-changing opportunity where you can be your own boss and become your best version.”



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.


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