Sergio Corona and Everardo Barron are the proud winners of the X Challenge of Q3 2019! Today we’re sharing their stories with you, so you can discover their journey, secrets, and advice to inspire you to reach your health and fitness goals. 

Sergio Corona

Sergio Corona

Sergio Corona from  Santa Barbara, California got to the X Challenge in July 2018. His overweight problems (219 lbs) and the motivation from his wife encouraged him to search for a different lifestyle. “I was overweight and my health was suffering because of that, I had high blood pressure and I couldn’t lead a normal life,” he commented.

With dedication and structure, he managed to start making some changes, “my biggest sacrifice was to wake up early on Sunday mornings to workout. Changing the way I ate was also difficult, but as I started seeing the results, my confidence and motivation in the system grew”. 

Today he is weighing 186 lbs and wants to lose more! “I’ve been able to do things I wasn’t able to in the past 10 years. I want to encourage everyone to make the change in their lives and dare to see the results.”

Everardo Barron

Everardo Barron

Everardo is an example of persistence and dedication, health needs drove him to choose the X Challenge as the way to improve his lifestyle, “I chose a healthy lifestyle due to my health issues: years of Dialysis, a kidney transplant in 2013, hearing problems and high cholesterol… I was weighing 220 lbs!”

For him, the key is setting your mind to it, “building habits is hard, but if you do it with your family or with a group of friends, the task will be easier. I committed to making my workout routine for at least 3 times per week.” And that public commitment worked, he’s now at 167 lbs, and has earned new friends and improved his health in the process.

“I’m happy with my kids right now, I get to enjoy time and activities with them. Seeing the results of others motivated me as well.” 

We want to congratulate these two champions who are living proof that commitment, a system that works, showing up every day and keeping a positive mindset are the ingredients to success. #X4ever. 



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