Each month, ORGANO recognizes a new Rising Star in our global OG Family. This title is given to existing Distributors who have displayed outstanding performance and have accumulated the greatest Group Volume in the last qualification period.

To motivate you to give your best for this 2019, here we share the testimonials of our top Risings Stars from last year on how ORGANO has inspired them.

“Since the day I joined ORGANO, I have already seen the great potential it can provide not only to me, but also to other people that I know. This is why, I immediately invited my close friends and influential people among my circle to know about the great products and business opportunity that OG provides and not surprisingly many of them joined my team. I’m very fortunate that some of them are already business minded and well connected in the community so my business grew tremendously in a rate that I never anticipated which resulted of me becoming a Sapphire in less than 2 months. Praise God!”

Dan Dela Cruz, Sapphire Consultant from UAE.

“I joined through my sister and experience healing from body pain this made me be more interested in the product and I received a lot of support from my group during mixers. This is what gave me this success!”

Kehinde Oguntoyinbok, Sapphire from United Kingdom.

“It’s important that you set your goals in the middle and long term, and that you get to work on them at the time you realize what it is that motivates you and makes you believe every day. This will be the driving force that will keep you going, doing everything we attempt with love and passion.”

         — Mireya Murillo Ramirez & Juan Muñoz Medina, Sapphires from  Mexico.


“For all Organo Distributors that would like to get to Sapphire or above, I tell them do not give up! It doesn’t matter what happens, whatever it is, always look forward and know that all is possible! Take hold of your dreams and your goals, which are your wishes, and you will see how they will come true. And please, never forget to enjoy the journey. Thanks for everything and may God bless you all”

Edith Camarena, Sapphire from USA.


The business and the products both are a big thing for us, and we are grateful for this opportunity we can take part in! Our recipe [to success] is: to combine commitment and perseverance, and season it with love. Because the business and the product work!”

 — Csaba Torgyik & Adrienn Pasti,  Sapphires from Hungary.

“ORGANO has certainly given its distributors a chance to live the dream life and impact others while doing that. Set your goals and write them down. Never stop believing in yourself. Your goals should scare you a little and excite you a lot. Dream Big!”

Chris & Angie LaPorte, Sapphire Consultants from USA.

“Organo is like a powerful engine in a magical car. We have only to put our dreams into it. If you can visualize those dreams, if you can feel the burning desire inside you, then you can turn the invisible into visible. Day after day, week after week, month after month I have been persistent, always with my strong belief! If you understand your real goals, then your belief change, your approach change, also your attitude, and it all becomes true!”

Salvatore Rao, Ruby from Italy.

“We left Expo feeling very inspired! I would encourage anyone to attend any Organo sponsored event if you are wanting to grow your business! One of the tools we have seen tremendous success with is to share Organo with at least 2 people a day.  When we offer Organo to others, we use the phrase “If I gave you a sample of healthy coffee, would you try it?” The answer is always Yes!“

Drs. Jarrod and Melissa Brennan – Ruby  – USA

Are you ready to become ORGANO’s next Rising Star?



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.


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