The Time is Not Now, but Right Now to feel better, look better and to achieve a healthier lifestyle – for life! And, the transformation is well underway for those who have begun their personal weight loss journey with the OGX Nutritional Management Program and ogxFENIX™ Meal Replacement Shakes.

In fact, the word is out!  Check out what the following lifestyle bloggers are saying about OGX!

April Noel

April started her blog “AprilNoelle” after she diligently tried to lose weight, and failed. So we asked her to try ogxFENIX™! April is currently using the OGX recommendations for healthy weight loss. It wasn’t that April was over eating, in fact she rarely ate at all, but when she did – she admittedly made poor choices. But with the FENIX Meal Replacement Shakes, the choice for April is simple!  

“What I manage to forget, especially after I lose weight, is that this is a journey. It doesn’t stop when you hit your goal weight and it certainly doesn’t stop when you’re still trying to lose. What I need to stop doing is thinking that it’s a diet and really believe and understand that this is truly a journey, a life-long journey.”  

Brea Getting Fit

Brea is a Certified Health Coach with an ultra busy lifestyle -working, cleaning or skating – but rarely sleeping. Brea started her blog “BreaGettingFit” to help people find the healthy lifestyle that works for them and has them feeling their best.  We asked her to try FENIX Meal Replacement Shakes – and she loved them!     

“ORGANO shows you how to do it with recommended meal plans, exercise options for all levels of fitness, hints to maximize success, as well as customized recipes that keep your weight management plan engaging, fun and efficient. The shakes are easy to use – 2 shakes a day help melt the pounds away, 1 shake a day helps keep the fat away when used with a sensible eating plan and exercise program.”

Charnita Fance

Charnita is a general lifestyle blogger that, like so many others, make the same resolution every year to lose weight, but can’t manage to keep it off long term. When we asked Charnita to try ogxFENIX™ this fall, she was thrilled, as due to health issues the desire to lose weight has become a necessity. FENIX™ Exclusive Meal Replacement Shakes, along with the OGX guide, have helped Charnita to jumpstart her transformative weight lose journey.  

“In the guide, you’ll learn how to lose weight by drinking two shakes a day and to maintain your weight by drinking just one shake a day; each shake replaces a meal. So, you can replace breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner; it’s up to you. For me, this isn’t hard since sadly, I usually only eat 1-2 good meals a day anyway.”

G-Free Foodie

K.C. was originally interested in ogxFENIX because it’s gluten-free. With her blog “GFreeFoodie,” K.C. is on a mission to find the best food the Gluten Free world has to offer.  K.C. was, personally, also looking for the additional benefits of having increased energy and focus, while remaining satisfied.  We were happy to show her the newest member of the family met all the criteria!

“The best part for me is that the FENIX Chocolate Shake actually tastes chocolaty, not chalky or weird or chemical laden, like a lot of protein shakes do. And, I tried the FENIX Vanilla Shake the next day, with the goal of getting back to my workouts. The vanilla was also tasty, and was sufficient fuel for a morning session of cardio and cussing. And, the ORGANO™ folks have started a Facebook community called X4life,  with shake recipes and workout ideas, so I’ll be checking that out too.”

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