May is here and it only means one thing: Mother’s Day! The perfect moment to recognize and hear the stories of exemplary mothers who inspire us to become better human beings and professionals. Today we bring you the stories of some ORGANO moms and their secret to a successful motherhood path, happiness and a fulfilling career!

Shella Chua – Senior Vice President of ORGANO

Shella lives in Richmond, BC and is a mother of 4 kids. For her, motherhood has been an emotional ride, “I’ve felt emotions I’ve never felt before, so much unconditional love, joy, pride, anxiety, guilt etc. It made me love more, cry more, laugh more and definitely yell more! It also transforms your protective instinct into something you never knew you had before.” Becoming a mom for her has been all about feeling grateful for the little things. 

Keeping the balance between her professional life and family life is important and needs well-defined limits,  “my family is top priority. My inbox, messenger notification (whatsapp, skype, slack, telegram, etc.), calendar for conference calls and kid’s activities is never empty, but sometimes we just need to learn to set the boundaries and not look at the phone or computer all the time.” Learning to identify priorities and what really matters has been a learning experience, especially during the pandemic with the “work from home” model. At the same time, Shella notes that teamwork is key “I am blessed to have a very hands-on husband and parents who help me take care of the kids!”.

The values Shella aims to teach her children to become successful is to “have a life in connection with God — we believe that teaching them to have a life centered around Him brings stability and strength and helps us all remember that life is bigger than us. Other core values such as being humble, honesty, resilience, integrity, and strong work ethic are also important for our family.”


Christelle Robert – Senior Director of Business Development at ORGANO

Christelle lives in Vancouver, BC and is a mother of 3. Motherhood for her has meant learning the true meaning of the word responsibility, “You don’t just have to take care of yourself anymore, being responsible for the wellness of 3 other persons totally dependent on you is a responsibility 100 times bigger than any job or career. It made me become a better person, it gave me a better understanding of life, and it opened a much larger sense of purpose.” 

During her life as a mom, the biggest lesson has been all about learning what your kids really need, “at the beginning I was trying to make everything perfect, and I was always running out of time. And then I learned what children want the most is quality time and attention, children don’t need things, they need time, they need to laugh, and they need to dream.”

Balancing work and family life for Christelle is more about setting personal and family goals, considering everyone “my partner and I are perfectly aligned on our individual goals by believing and supporting each other. We also have precise goals as a family. So for me finding balance is knowing where we are going and why we are doing what we do and organize around it.” 

As for the legacy and values she wants to instill in her children, Christelle considers that spiritual work is vital, “respect for themselves and respect for others, to have integrity and compassion. Second is strong work ethic. Teaching children the value of work is the best gift to attain total freedom and independence. I want them to give their best in everything they do- because how you do one thing is how you do everything.”


Gratitude, inspiration and the will to thrive, those and other qualities are what ORGANO moms inspire in us. This month, take a moment to recognize the values you instill in your kids and what your parents taught you.



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