The October rain is here, and it stopped our plans for exercising outdoors. The good news is that you already have the X4ever app on your phone and tablet, that gives you hundreds of options on workouts you can do indoors this season. This fall, stay inside and keep a healthy lifestyle to beat the X Challenge.

Here are five exercises to help you achieve this.

X Pull Down

Strengthen your lats, biceps, middle back, and shoulders with the OGX Exercise Band. Place your exercise band on a secure spot on the wall, grab it by both ends, and kneel down on the floor. Start the movement with your palms down, and bring your hands down to shoulder-height. Go back to the original position without letting your band being the one that pulls your arms back up.

Wall Sit

This exercise might seem easy, but it takes a lot of energy to maintain the position for a longer time. Start by standing with your back pressed against the wall. Keeping your back straight, bend down until you make a 90° angle with your knees. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds, but we encourage you to try your resistance to give a maximum workout to your core and legs.

Band Around Push -Ups

A regular push-up with the extra resistance of your OGX Exercise Band. Lay on the floor with the band behind your back and hold each end with each hand. Push your arms away from the ground and strengthen your arms and shoulder blades.

Cook Hip Lift

Lay on the floor again, bend your knees, and pull one knee towards your chest. Lift your hip off the ground while contracting all your back muscles. This exercise will help you to strengthen and tone your back and legs and will even improve your balance.

X Band Walk

Grab your OGX Exercise Band one more time by each end and step on it, separating your feet at shoulder-length. Take two lateral steps without bending your knees and repeat on the opposite side. This exercise will help you strengthen your knee joints, arms, hip abductors, and will improve your stability.

Are you ready to beat the X Challenge at home this fall? Keep exercising and maintaining a healthy meal plan so you can live the X4ever Lifestyle even in the rainiest days!



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