As you know, the only way to build a successful and sustainable OG business is to continually generate consistent retail profits. So any time you get the chance to boost your retail sales and take advantage of a limited time opportunity, you have to do it.

The holiday season offers a unique opportunity to maximize your retail sales and create a wave of momentum heading into 2018. Think about it — this is the only time of the year where everyone you know is either searching for gifts, spending time with their loved ones, or craving a warm beverage. It’s as if they’re all holding up signs that say “Retail Customer Here!”

One of the best ways to pique the interest of your retail customers — and potential retail customers — is to introduce them to the 2017 Limited Edition Holiday Gift Set.

The Holiday Gift Set is the perfect gift for anyone who loves OG and wants to live healthy, #X4ever lifestyle.

The Limited Edition Holiday Gift Set:

  • Sells for a wholesale price of $99 ($40 savings!) and retails for $148
  • Offers carefully picked products that are fast to make, healthy to enjoy, and a great source of energy  — making it the perfect gift for the hectic holiday season
  • Is the perfect “resolution pack” for the new year and will help your friends and family reach their weight loss goals

Loaded with OG’s most popular products, you can retail by the box or sell it all together as a pack. This Gift Set is the quickest and most efficient way to boost your retail sales, but there’s only one catch — it’s only around for a limited amount of time so if you’re truly serious about growing your retail business, you have to act fast before they’re all gone!

Words of Wisdom from OG’s Top Distributors

Now, we can sit here and talk about the benefits of retailing all day long. But instead of only hearing from us, we thought it might motivate you even more if you heard from some of OG’s most successful retailing Distributors.

We talked to Nikki Ideta, Jose Alfredo Palmas, and Hugo Molina and asked them how they were able to build some of the most profitable retail businesses in all of OG.


Nikki Ideta (Diamond)

The biggest tip that works is to retail from your home.

Your guests have a chance to sit and taste all the products, while you a get chance to ask them questions.

Some great questions to ask are: Would you like to lose weight quickly or slowly? Would you like to flush toxins out while losing weight? How did the products make you feel?

Retailing at home also gives you a great opportunity to inform them about some of the amazing benefits of our products — ex. acid keeps the weight on and ORGANO products are acid-free.

Bottom line- retailing from home gives you the opportunity to serve them drinks and introduce them to the OGX weight loss system.


Jose Alfredo Palmas (Sapphire)

Tip 1: Apply the four questions EVERY DAY and make at least 3 new contacts.

Tip 2: The money is in THE FOLLOW UP — follow up with all your prospects to get appointments!

Tip 3: Follow the ORGANO system without questioning and lose the fear of having a lot of security

Tip 4: Set daily and weekly goals and meet them with discipline.



Hugo Molina (Emerald)
Tip 1:  Branding. Be sure to create your persona around your brand. Be proud of being OG. People will be more open to buy your product when they see you and automatically link you or relate you to what it is that you are selling and promoting. If you’re promoting OGX, make sure you show the part.
Tip 2:  Show confidence and pride of ownership. Get to know your product —  that will give you an extreme sense of confidence and you will not hesitate to explain its benefits.
Tip 3:  Be bold! Offer your product because you know about the great taste and believe in the great benefits. If you become “ a product of the product” boldly promoting will become second nature.
Tip 4:  See your business as you would a traditional business. Create your own marketing plan, offer internal promotions and possibly a follow up or subscription list where you can continue the relationship with your customers.


Retailing ORGANO™ products keeps you in Zone 1 and that’s where the money is! Take advantage of the holiday season when everyone is looking for the perfect gift and recommend the gift of ORGANO™. Whether is coffee, teas or the OGX body management system, we have the perfect gift for everyone in the family!




Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle. 


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