Terri Couser can’t wait for EXPO.

Yes, she’s excited about being with her OG Family. And yes, the bright lights of Vegas always make for a fun and electric atmosphere. But there’s one reason in particular that Terri is counting down the days until the biggest event of the year.

“I can’t wait to get my Sapphire Eagle!”

As a brand new Sapphire, Terri will walk the EXPO stage in front of thousands of her ORGANO™ brothers and sisters and proudly accept her Eagle Award. It’s a day she’s thought about for a long time.

“ORGANO has changed my life physically, mentally, and most of all, financially,” says Terri. “I’m so blessed to not only be part of this amazing company, but to have such powerful mentors like Celia Rahman (Blue Diamond), Edwin Haynes (Diamond) and Sam Bean (Diamond). These three have helped me build, grow, and learn this business and guided me on my journey to Sapphire.”

While 2017 has been a year to remember for Terri, she’s quick to recall that she got her start here at ORGANO™ back in 2015 and her motivation back then was a lot different than what it is now.

“I got started with ORGANO to earn some extra income. I really didn’t know much about the company or about the health benefits that their products offered. But that all changed when I plugged into the system, became a product of the product, and stayed consistent with my efforts. Soon, not only was I feeling better, but my business was quickly starting to grow.”

In addition to become a business success, she also found a way to live a healthier and more active life once she started finding her FENIX with OGX. She began drinking the shake twice a day and lost over 60 pounds.

“I’m 38 years old and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. I want to continue to live this healthy lifestyle, lose 15 more pounds, and show people what can happen — both physically and professionally — if you become a product of the product and commit to becoming the best version of you.”

When she looks back on her OG Journey, she realizes that above all the extra income and lost weight, the most important thing she’s acquired is a global family that supports her, no matter what the situation.

“My mom passed away just days before an ORGANO™ Convention and this was without question the hardest moment of my life. But, I decided that the best way to cope with my loss was to attend the event and support and cheer on my OG brothers and sisters.”

While she enjoyed attending the event, it was what happened after she got home that had the biggest impact on her life.

“When I came home, I was surprised and overwhelmed by all of the support that I received from my OG Family, as many of them attended the funeral service, even though they had never met my mom. It was after this experience that I went home, worked with my leaders, and committed myself even more to the business. That same month, I ended up with the most volume I’ve ever had and qualified as a Sapphire. Now, here I am, days away from EXPO, and I’ll be walking on stage in front of those same OG brothers and sisters who helped pick me up when I was at my lowest. To say I’m excited for EXPO would be an understatement.”

Terri’s success shows that anything is possible with ORGANO™ and once you join this company, you’re joining a global family that supports one another through thick and thin.

Terri Couser can’t wait for EXPO — and something tells us this won’t be the last time we see her on an EXPO stage.

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