So you set some great resolutions at the start of this year. Now how are you doing on those goals and what are you continuing to do to reach them? Are you making progress, or are you already starting to give up and plan on trying again next year?

Did you know that most fail their New Year’s resolutions, and they fail quickly? This probably comes as no surprise as most people have set lofty goals only to find they can’t reach them and lose motivation. A recent study found that only 64% of resolutions last more than the first month and 46 percent last longer than 6 months. Those aren’t good numbers.

So how can you beat the expectation?

This is often easiest to relate to health and fitness as that’s often the first goal or resolution people make each year. Lose weight. Live healthier. Do more to feel better. But it applies to all aspects of life. Hopefully, when you are setting your goals they include improving your financial situation, starting or growing your own business, or improving your personal development. But to reach these goals you need to do several things

Set Achievable Goals

First, make sure you are setting goals that you can actually reach. It’s ok to set the bar high for yourself and plan for big success. We should push ourselves to Go Beyond and reach new heights. And yet, if we look too far ahead the path to get there may seem insurmountable. Start with goals that you can achieve and find success within reasonable time frames. Break up your greater goal into smaller milestones you can achieve in shorter steps. Those little successes you can celebrate reaching along the way will be motivating and inspire you to keep working.

Do Something Every Day to Achieve Your Goal

Figure out something you can do each day as part of your routine that helps you work toward your goal. By making it a daily conscious effort your goal stays at the forefront of your mind. The daily effort also reinforces and makes familiar the positive work you are doing and keeps you engaged. When that daily effort becomes routine, you’ve established a good habit that you can not only maintain but also build on once the effort is now easier for you to accomplish. Now you can do even more because you have made what was once difficult or out of habit simply routine.

Document Your Progress

Keep a record of whatever efforts you are making. Knowing where you are should never be discouraging, rather a good help in knowing what progress you are making or where you need to make corrections to keep your progress happening. Not every day is going to be new personal best. You will always have ups and downs as part of the process if working toward a better version of yourself. The important thing is to keep the overall trend of progress moving forward. Evaluate and recalibrate your efforts often. Think not just monthly, but weekly and even daily in evaluating what you’ve done and where you can improve with honesty and positivity in the process.

Never Quit

While your vision and goals for yourself may evolve over time, never stop the effort. Discover your personal WHY and set it as a foundation in whatever you are seeking to achieve. Be determined in your effort and never give up. Build on success and learn from mistakes or failures. They are all part of the process and combined become part of your journey. Do the things that others will not in order to achieve what others only wish they could do. Be the exception. Be exceptional.

You can achieve much more than you even realize now as you go through the process of setting goals, doing the work to achieve those goals and making course corrections along the way. You can become a better version of yourself and achieve the success you desire in health, fitness, business, financial independence or whatever mix of goals you are currently seeking to accomplish.


— Jeremy Hall



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  


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