If you’re planning on traveling  this month, you’re in luck: it finally looks like flying is getting safer, especially since airlines are putting more safety protocols in place than ever before, and there are more options for getting from here to there safely – and in style.

You should follow a few key guidelines to stay safe during your travels, though.

For one thing, you should obviously come prepared. Double masking is highly recommended by the CDC now. They suggest layering a surgical mask under a cloth mask (We love these NxTSTOP masks made specifically for travel).

If you’re flying, it’s also a good idea to go the extra mile and wear a face shield. They might look dorky, but it’s worth it to have a little more peace of mind while you’re getting from here to there.

We also suggest checking on the protocols set in place by your airline and airport before departing. 

Some airlines, like United, are letting passengers submit negative test results online and check in once they’ve been cleared. Others, like Delta, help passengers locate and book COVID-19 tests online.

Meanwhile, airports like Boston Logan, JFK, and Dallas-Fort Worth are offering on site rapid tests to flyers.

Of course, if you want to be really safe – and really bougie – you can always fly private. There are more and more options for making your private jet dreams a (semi-) affordable reality these days. 

Fly-sharing companies like Wheels Up, Surf Air, and Fly XO and let passengers fly on semi-private flights or book out whole jets at reasonable prices.


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