Are you ready to enroll some customers in some great promotions? As a Distributor, this can be a challenge itself. Though none of your customers can say no to the delightful OG products you offer, signing them up for some a contest that involves physical activity is not that easy. Particularly now in February, when 80% of the people have already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions.

Today, we bring you some tips on how to enroll your customers in the Shake it Off Promotion.

Ask a friend

It’s obvious that before enrolling in the program, your customers will want to know if the challenge truly works. You’ve probably introduced at least one of your customers to the Shake It Off Promotion, and they are loving it. Ask them to bring their enthusiasm to your other customers by showing them their results. If you haven’t presented promo to anyone, you can always show your customers the success stories on our website

Get enrolled yourself

There’s no better way of demonstrating the Shake It Off promo benefits than showing off the results yourself. Get your customers a first-hand example of how you can get fit for less by joining the X Challenge.

Get the drinks

Organize a lunch or potluck, and offer to take care of the beverages. We have some excellent recipes for cocktails and shakes prepared with the OG FENIX Mixes that will help you add some flavor to your meetings and let the tasty part of the deal speak for itself.

Listen to your clients’ needs

Though everyone wants to get healthy for less, each of your customers has different priorities. Luckily for you, the Shake It Off Promotion has it all: for the ones that need to save money, remind them they’ll be saving 30% off of every Shake It Off Kit. For the ones looking to get fit, show them the rewards and benefits the X Challenge offers for consistent customers. For the ones that like to take chances, remind them that there’s an opportunity of winning a $500 gift card. Finally, for the ones looking for a real challenge, show them what the top 5 contestants will get at the end of the challenge.

Carry samples everywhere

Though organizing that potluck sound like an ideal opportunity, you cannot have one every day. However, you can still carry some free samples. Even better, if the place where you are at has tap water, why not prepare a Fenix energy drink right on the spot?

Aim for the right customers

Your first customers will be the ones already looking to get fit, so look for those in your social circle that are currently attending the gym regularly. The reality is that not everyone is up to work out, and some people will make any excuse to stay away from the gym. Don’t be frustrated if some of your customers are impossible to get into the Shake It Off contest. But don’t stop talking to them about it either; chances are they have a friend looking to get fit, and you’ll be the first person they’ll think about when they talk to them next time.

Let us know your business tools when presenting the Shake It Off Promo to your customers. How many of them have already adopted the #X4ever lifestyle?



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