New Year is coming, along with New Year resolutions. Sad but true, we’ve seen it year after year, those new goals will be forgotten sometime during the first quarter of the year, only to be remembered once again for the beginning of the year to come.

But let’s not get pessimistic here. New year resolutions — losing weight, learning something new, saving for a special trip — can be attainable if instead of looking at them as short-term goals we look at them as a way of changing our lifestyle for the best.

Here are three common mistakes that people make when setting New Year resolutions and some ways you can correct them to achieve everything you want for 2019!

Expecting immediate results

Many people quit their goals after not seeing quick results. If your goal is to lose 50 pounds, don’t rush. Take your time. As long as you’re following a healthy routine, exercising, and getting the right nutrition, you’ll reach your resolution.

Setting short-term goals

Make your goals a lifestyle instead of assigning a stop date. If you were looking to save money for a holiday, keep that good habit of saving more. If you achieved your weight loss goal, set a new one, or maintain that healthy weight for the rest of the year. Don’t forget about something once you achieve it. Be proud of all what it took you to reach it and let that sense of achievement fuel you up to keep looking for more!

Not having a strong motivation

Try to find a deep motivation for reaching your goals. Losing weight is not only to look better, for example. It’s about being healthier and feeling happier. Find how your goal will change your lifestyle, instead of how it will satisfy an immediate wish. This way, every time you feel unmotivated to continue, you wind a reason to keep going. And once you reach your goal, you’ll find a reason to maintain it.

In short, forget about setting goals and change your mindset instead! Get into the idea that starting January 1st, you’ll be changing your lifestyle for good. That way, form that first day, you’ll be already living the X4ever Lifestyle and will see the results of it earlier than what you think.



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