Carla Sánchez Marín was born in Mexico City. “Nevertheless, I belong here, in Hidalgo, as I’ve lived here my entire life,” says our new OG Diamond. This simple statement with which we initiated our chat makes clear to us her sense of belonging, which is one of the leading traits of any successful OG Distributor.

But this is not the only winner attribute Carla has. Despite being a graduate in International Trade with a Master’s in Organizational Development, she decided to search for better opportunities, even if that meant leaving her comfort zone and facing new risks. Carla worked in a union until November 2013, when she met ORGANO™ thanks to her sister and cousins. “I wanted to earn 10 thousand extra pesos, but had no experience in network marketing,” she says, “I finally assisted a business presentation in Cuernavaca, where I realized that the OG Opportunity would allow me to generate the extra income I needed.”

After hearing some success stories, Carla started following the OG system: “On the seventh month I qualified to Sapphire, and ten months later to Emerald. Subsequently, I qualified for Ruby, and decided to become a full-time Distributor.” Her success with ORGANO™ helped Carla to pay her debts, support her family, upgrade her car to an Audi, and even to travel to different countries with her loved ones. “Thanks to the 3 Friends, to our Ambassadors, and to the Elite Diamonds, I’ve been having an incredible experience meeting new people and knowing more about myself.”

How did she get to Diamond?

Carla’s answer to this question is simple: “I’ve dared to pursue bigger goals to seek a better lifestyle for me, and for the people I love. I visualized a clear objective and defined the person I needed to become to get all I wanted.”  

Carla has followed the 4-steps system with perseverance and discipline. She doesn’t miss a single OG event or power training and applies her new knowledge in each new training, event, call, or book. Carla acknowledges and values ​​the leadership she found in ORGANO™ and considered it a system to live by. For everyone walking the OG path, Carla advises them to be patient and passionate about what they do. “I feel happy and thank God for this opportunity: we all deserve an opportunity to live in unity, loyalty, and edification.”

Ultimately, Carla shares two tips with the OG Family members:

“Define what you want and fight for it. Accept the challenge and enjoy the ride. Work with ethics and values; be grateful. “

“Have fun dreaming big. Be patient; prepare yourself and make an effort daily. Do not compare yourself to others: you are unique, unrepeatable, and your success is about to come. “



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle. 


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