Ever since my experience losing weight with OGX FENIX to lose weight and transform back into good health, the most common questions I receive are 1) How did you do it, and second 2) How do you keep the weight off? I lost 56 pounds in 2 1/2 months, and 2 years later I continue to not only maintain that weight loss, but I’ve built on it for overall health and fitness.

I understand why these questions are asked and really the answers to them are pretty simple. Though it’s not easy to rebuild our health and shed unwanted pounds, the process is straightforward and easy to follow if we have enough desire to just do it. I hesitate to oversimplify it, but it really is simple.

Find and Draw on Your WHY

First, it comes down to really and truly wanting to make a change. Not just the “hey I need to lose some weight” kind of motivation. I’m talking about a deep, inspiring purpose you can draw on every time it gets hard or you are included to “cheat” off your plan. You need your WHY to be the catalyst and focus for your change. Be driven in every moment to want to change, to embrace the process and now that the end results are worth anything it takes to get there.

As you already know and have undoubtedly experienced, it’s easier to fall out of your effort than to stick with it. Getting back to good habits and shedding the bad ones developed over time does take effort, and a determination to push through any self-doubt or weakness in your resolve has to come from within. You CAN do it, and you are always MUCH STRONGER than you think. Sticking to your WHY will help you get through those times.

Focus on Establishing Good Habits

It’s easy to focus on the difficult aspects of weight loss or getting healthier. We often say things like “missing out” on indulgent foods or “I have to” do some workout. Those are negatives and negative motivation is not the most effective method. We just try to get through things rather than embracing the good new change in our life. Flip the switch on that and focus on the good new habits rather than breaking the old ones.

What is it you need to do good in your life that you’ve let slip for whatever reason? Are you eating fast food because preparing better meals takes too much time in a busy schedule? Does that busy schedule also keep you from doing anything you’d call fitness in your daily life? Guess what? While your life may be crazy busy, those are excuses. It all comes down to making time for what matters most, and being a healthier version of you is right at the top of that list of important things to do.

So make time. Make time to choose better foods. Choose to eat more appropriate portions of whatever foods you do eat. At the beginning of a reboot of your healthy habits, just get moving. Park further from the office or store so you walk even those few minutes more. Walk the dog. Yep, just get out and walk with a spouse, friend or your child. Just get moving. Start with what is accessible in your life and then build on it.

Build on Success

What you do every day is what counts. Those healthy habits you work on, after a few weeks will become natural to you. Then take those little successes and build on then. That’s really the essence of the GO BEYOND mentality that has become a mantra for me. Do a little more. Go a little further on the next walk or shed a few more calories in your meals. Replacing one meal a day with a FENIX shake? Try two meals a day for a week. You’ll be surprised at what may have seemed unreachable in the past suddenly is not only approachable but totally within your wheelhouse.

You may find continual success, but most likely if you’re like me you’ll have a periodic fail of a day. Life can sure throw you a curveball or a whole bushel of them at times. That’s ok. Pick yourself up, dust off those pants and raise your head high. It’s not the periodic slip or interruption that’s going to lead to true failure if you get right back into your good habits. That’s why they are so important to make a natural part of your every day. When it no longer becomes a chore to get moving or to eat healthier, it actually becomes something you look forward to as a part of your day. When you realize you’ve hit that point it’ll be exhilarating. Trust me, I remember that turning point and loved that feeling of CRAVING my opportunity to get outdoors and ride my bike or take a walk with my family.

The PERIODIC Indulgence is OK

This is a tough one for some to grasp, but I’m confident it’ll make sense to you. Some diets include a plan for a “cheat day” in them with the idea that “giving up” our favorite foods or indulgences is just too tough to do constantly. While I understand the concept, I’m not a big fan of regular planned cheat days. All too often a cheat day becomes a day full of massive indulgence in all those things you’ve been “missing” to only return back to the grind of skipping them. This is the wrong mentality.

With OGX we are not just making a short-term effort for a short-term change. We believe in being #X4EVER because this is about becoming a better version of you not only now, but forever. Effecting a change that becomes a part of who we are, and continues from that point forward. These changes are real and lasting.

Now that may mean we go stronger and more restrictive in a short-term effort to break old habits and replace them with good ones. So what we do during a time of more drastic weight loss may not be what we do forever, and that’s perfectly fine to recognize. But those healthy habits we create need to be maintained going forward. Build on them and view the healthier choices as what you will be as part of the new you. There’s really no winning in dropping back into very unhealthy choices on a regular basis.

With that said, having a periodic indulgence is just fine. It shouldn’t be laden with guilt or make us feel like we are failing. On the recent OGetaway 2018 I had the opportunity as an OGX Brand Ambassador to talk to many wonderful OG members about my experience. Of course, we joked about being on a cruise with so many rich foods to choose from as being the opposite of what OGX is about. But in reality, it isn’t all that far off. I mentioned to many that being on the cruise was a reward for success, and having some good foods in reasonable portions is enjoyable and something to celebrate. It’s all about moderation and then coming back to those healthy habits again after a small indulgence. Have a dessert or two, enjoy that entree at dinner, then come back home and slide right back into your healthier routine. I came home from the cruise and within 4 days had dropped back 2 pounds lighter than when I left. The body is an amazingly resilient engine when fed the right fuel.

Most of All, Become A Better You

In the end, OGX is about becoming and being a better version of you. Find what will motivate you to make a change, be fiercely determined about sticking to your plan, and follow through and DO everything it takes to get there. Once you reach those goals, keep setting new goals to continue to build on your successes and always improving. You CAN do it. If I can do it, you most surely can as well!



Jeremy Hall



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.


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