Gitta Huszti lives in Budapest, Hungary, and she reached the qualification of Sapphire in August 2020 with ORGANO™. She is 55 years old and has two children. She pursued studies in finances and has a degree in Theology. Gitta worked in different environments, in a bank, in the local television of her district and used to be the head of a primary school and the head of the volleyball department of the Sport Club. She met ORGANO™ in 2018 and from that moment, her life changed. She shared her incredible story with us.

How did you met ORGANO™?

Three years ago, I was driving to a negotiation when another car crashed into my vehicle from the side and knocked my car over. I spun into the air several times and hit the ground upside down. The windows of the car got exploded, but I did not get a scratch on me, I only punched my thigh in the steering wheel and this caused two hematomas. Nearly a year passed and the hematomas were not absorbed.

In August 2018 I watched a video of Szilveszter Gyulai, Diamond leader, I really liked the products he presented and I joined Organo buying a Promotional Gold Pack through a friend of mine, the Ruby Annamária B. Molnár. Using Organo products, I felt better.

From that moment, I started thinking that Ganoderma was an amazing ingredient, but I could not work full time as Distribution Partner since I was in charge of the youth volleyball division of a sport association and responsible for over 350 athletes, I did not have time to start the business.

How did you build your business?

In March of this year, I lost my job. In a few days, I made a decision not to look for another job, but to start building my Organo business. For me it represented a great opportunity to start something new and exciting. Organo is a fantastic thing! I said to myself that was time to change my life with it! I cut into it and I headed for my goal.

Due to the restriction caused by the global pandemic, the business did not start as dynamically as I would have liked, because for me, personal meetings with coffee and conversation go better than online business building. When restrictions ended up, coffee parties could begin.

How did you reach the qualification of Sapphire?

Achieving my Sapphire rank was the result of teamwork! I received tremendous help directly from Annamária B. Molnár, my upline Ruby, and also from Szilveszter Gyulai, my upline Diamond. I am very grateful to them! If I have been on my own, I would not be able to do it! And I also have to thank my business associates too, because without them it would not have been possible!

Together with the team we made a plan in July and implemented it in August! Now in my team we have 17 new members, 21 Star Achievers, 5 VIPs, 2 Platinums and 2 Sapphires including me.

What are your three tips for success?

1) The first one is teamwork.

It is important to have good relationship between leaders and teammate. If they like you, the team will move with you at the same time at your caller’s request. You can only succeed together!

2) Daily consultation.

We discuss about the past day with my business associates every night and plan together the next one. This is the only way to plan the day, the week and the month.

3.) Let’s help each other.

Let’s help each other when the other person had a bad day, or fails, or just simply got stuck or tired. It is important to take care of our teammates because when we need help they will be there behind us and help if we ask.

Where do you see your future at ORGANO™?

I have put my future on Organo, so I must dream big!

My dream is to build a team of hundreds of people, help many of my business associates to qualify, succeed, travel and make an extra income. My goal is to be a Diamond, the colour of it, does not matter.

I am happy to belong to the big family of Organo!


Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  


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