Last June, ORGANO celebrated its 15th anniversary, and what an extraordinary milestone it was! The event brought together some of our most inspiring leaders who shared their insights, experiences, and wisdom. Each speaker delivered talks that left the attendees motivated, empowered, and ready to take on new challenges. Let’s relive the magic and dive into the key takeaways from the best talks at the 15th Anniversary of ORGANO. You can check the videos in my OG Academy, here are a few recommendations.

Paul Caldwell – Becoming a Decision Collector

ORGANO’s very own CEO, Paul Caldwell, delivered a captivating talk on “Becoming a Decision Collector.” He emphasized how the choices we make shape our destinies and urged everyone to be “want creators.” By inviting people to join ORGANO and becoming part of a supportive environment, one could achieve their aspirations. Paul’s powerful message centered on intention, belief, and creating a vision for success.

Maribel Torres and Javier Salazar – The Power of Events

Diamond couple Maribel Torres and Javier Salazar shared their inspiring journey to Diamond status. They attribute their success to “The Power of Events.” Reflecting on their own transformation, they stressed the significance of belief and vision in achieving their goals. Events played a pivotal role in changing their lives, and they encouraged others to harness this power to realize their dreams.

Pete and Hannah Cohen – Embracing Courage for a Fulfilling Life

Emerald Consultant Pete Cohen’s talk was a testament to the importance of courage in one’s life journey. He encouraged everyone to face their fears and embrace difficult challenges, as it is through these experiences that personal growth and success are attained. Pete’s uplifting message emphasized the power of choice and the capacity to change one’s life for the better.


Paul Charlton – Transforming Lives with ORGANO

Ruby Consultant Paul Charlton showcased the new ORGANO Business Presentation, demonstrating how to recruit effectively and build a thriving business. He believed that ORGANO was not just an aside job but a transformational opportunity to make it a part of one’s life and path. Paul inspired the audience to engage others with the same passion and enthusiasm that he had for ORGANO.

Emily Morrow – Becoming a Product of Your Product

Diamond Consultant Emily Morrow took the stage to share her secret to success: becoming a product of the product. Her talk emphasized the importance of knowing and using the product to authentically promote it to potential customers and distribution partners. Emily’s story highlighted the power of belief and authenticity in building a successful business.

Blanca Sachtouras – A Winning Mindset through Hardships

Crown Ambassador Blanca Sachtouras brought her knowledge and wisdom to the audience, instilling the belief that everything is possible with determination and vision. She emphasized the importance of cultivating a winning mindset, especially during challenging times. Blanca’s talk left the attendees inspired to face hardships with a positive attitude and a clear vision of success.

Casey Nilsen Martin – Building a Wealthy Future

Blue Diamond Casey Nielsen Martin took the audience on a transformative journey to a prosperous future. Using ORGANO and an entrepreneurial mindset, she encouraged everyone to visualize their successful and wealthy selves. 

Dianne Solano – Building Pillars of Success

Diamond Consultant Dianne Solano discussed the pillars of a successful OG business: recruiting, securing reorders, and building a strong community. Her talk emphasized the significance of passion and truth in attracting the right people to one’s team and life.


Our 15th Anniversary was an unforgettable event filled with valuable insights, empowering stories, and transformative wisdom. From the visionary leadership of Paul Caldwell to the inspiring journeys of Diamond Consultants, the event left a profound impact on all attendees. The talks highlighted the power of vision, passion, courage, and a winning mindset in achieving success and building a thriving business with ORGANO.


Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.


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