Becoming financially savvy is easy when you have good resources at hand. Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science, you just need the will to bring your fences to shape, some logic, and a positive attitude towards the future. OGPay brings you some YouTube recommendations so you can manage your money in a smarter way.

Money Savvy Generation

This channel may seem only for kids, and it is. It is a great start if you feel completely illiterate regarding financial matters, or if you want to instill in your kids some useful habits when it comes to managing their money. 




Andrei Jikh

If you want to listen to a curious and expert in financial matters, Andrei is your guy. His tactical videos and testimonials provide some useful information if you’re thinking about taking the leap into the stock market or investing in certain types of industries. Check his weekly videos on what to invest and make smarter decisions. 




Whiteboard Finance

This channel explains everything in simple terms and helps you get familiar with some of the most popular financial trends out there: what are stimulus checks? Is it a good time to sell or buy? Marko explains it all on his whiteboard and you’ll finish the video feeling a little more enlightened and ready to create an action plan to change your financial life.




The Financial Diet

This channel understands that sometimes all you need is some straightforward answer to your questions. Skip all the technicalities, boring speeches, or long explanations and get ready to learn how to live better by saving money. 


Clever Girl Finance

This channel may seem directed only towards women, but anyone can benefit from some gentle, wonderful advice on how to make clever investments and manage their money. Learn how to face tough financial decisions and conversations, get some mentorship from inspiring women and redefine your idea of wealth.




Give these a try, follow then and put some of the things you learn in practice, you’ll be saving some good cash in no time! 


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