Are you loving the new boxes of our Organic Green Tea and Red Tea? Surely by now, you’ve tasted all the unique benefits these teas add to your health. But, did you know that even after steeping, a tea sachet can still do a lot for you?

Today, we bring you five ideas to help you reuse your tea bags that will make you love these delectable ORGANO™ teas even more.

A garden fertilizer

Due to their rich, natural ingredients, our Red and Organic Green Tea are great soil fertilizers. After steeping, bury your tea sachets on the ground to bring new minerals and nutrients to your garden. As a plus, tea produces a strong scent that will keep many pests away and your plants protected from unwanted insects.

A beauty treatment

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and richness in antioxidants, green tea is great on the skin. Squeeze the liquid out of two steeped sachets, let them cool down, and use them as a compress on your eyes to get rid of puffiness, swollenness, or dark circles. You can also use them on any part of your skin that shows signs of irritation.

A flavor enhancer

We already talked about the delicious meals you can prepare with our Organic Green Tea, and the refreshing beverages containing our Red Tea.  But there are dozens of ways more than you can add flavor to any dish you want. Put a sachet on a pot of boiling water for pasta, or marinate a steak in your favorite sauce adding a sachet of an ORGANO™ tea to give a twist to your favorite meals.

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A cleaning supply

Our ORGANO™ teas contain tannin, that helps to cut greases. That’s why a steeped sachet could be your perfect helper when cleaning dirty surfaces at home that require a delicate touch. Put a sachet on used pots and pans 15 minutes before washing them, or learn to make your own tea-based hardwood cleaner to make your house shine.

A natural perfume

Use a sachet of your favorite ORGANO™ tea (not steeped) to add a new aroma to your daily routine. You can hang one on your car as an air freshener, or put one in the dryer to give a subtle natural smell to your clothes. To get rid of bad smells in your kitchen, put a sachet on the fridge to absorb odors, or put it at the bottom of the garbage bin as a deodorant.

So now you know! Don’t throw away those used tea sachets so quickly. Discover how they can help you even after finishing a Ganoderma-filled cup of tea. Let us know, what other uses do you give to your tea bags after steeping?



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  


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