FENIX XT, one half of EXPO’s massive product launch, has spent the last 3 months blowing up everything in sight.

Distributor sales? Blown up.

Social media? Blown up.

2pm crash? Blown up.

But the new ORGANO energy drink is more than just an explosion in a glass. It’s also:

  • The healthiest, longest lasting, and best tasting energy drink in all of Network Marketing.
  • The perfect mid-afternoon pick me up that gives you added hydration and a powerful boost of energy to get you through your day.
  • The ‘smart choice’ with only 5 grams of sugar and only 15 calories.

As you can tell, FENIX XT is unlike anything else on the market. It supports energy, stamina, and focus and is loaded with antioxidants to help defend your health. And unlike its competitors, it offers a unique blend of two types of caffeine to provide a fast, long lasting feeling of energy — without the crash.  

Additionally, FENIX XT contains:

  • B Vitamins
    • To support natural energy in the body
  • C Vitamins
    • To help protect the body’s cells from free radical damage
  • Rhodiola
    • Used by Olympic athletes to support stamina, endurance, and energy
  • Guarana
    • To support healthy blood flow


That’s a lot of information, that basically translates to this:

FENIX XT is unlike any other drink. But don’t just take our word for it — head to your BackOffice or ShopOG, pick up a box, and see for yourself how energy has evolved.


Mix into 12-16 oz. of water, lemonade or your favorite beverage. For a more concentrated flavor, mix in 8-10 oz. of water.



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  



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