Paul Charlton and Nancy O’Brien are a couple of Torontonians that recently joined our Ruby Ranks thanks to their efficiency in execution as well as to their compromise with spreading the OG lifestyle of good health and positive mindsets. 

An entrepreneurial mindset

Paul and Nancy had always had entrepreneurial spirits, they studied Sciences at Trent University and shared the same class at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. But the chance of creating their own business didn’t seem to get that real until ORGANO was presented to them.

“Dr. Jay Grossman, our sponsor, invited Dr. Bob Rakowski, Paul’s longtime nutrition mentor, to share the power of Ganoderma at a seminar. We tasted the coffee but knew nothing about the business plan – but knowing that if these 2 individuals were involved, we were sure it had to be solid!” That’s when Paul ordered a Gold pack without even talking to Nancy about it.

From then on, this couple has had many coaches that taught them how to power up their dynamics and be more effective when it comes to prospecting and sharing OG with the world. One of those coaches was Dianne Solano, or as they call her “DD” (Dynamic Dianne), who helped them from the start, “she has such an incredible passion for health, and she communicates it so beautifully! She told us to aim for all incentives, and by default, we will grow our business! She helped us roadmap what to do next, and she believed in us before we did! We remember her main piece of advice: Events, events, events, Dianne said! And we listened!” says Nancy.

Among other names that they feel thankful for are Mr. Nam Do who inspired them with a success mindset. They harnessed every chance to meet Dr. Bob Rakowski when he was in town, in Paul’s words “he has a wealth of knowledge on health and business to share since he has been very successful in many areas of his life! We make sure we earn time with him whenever we see him”. 

Their keys to success

For this couple, attendance to events is paramount, seeing it not only as a commitment to make their business grow but also their lives and spirits, Events always increase our belief and attitude towards our business! It is so great to hear from our incredible leadership, to see so many people rank advance, and to hear about the new products and incentives being introduced! It is always worth the investment; after all, it’s an investment in us!”.

When it comes to sharing their secrets for success, Paul and Nancy agree on two things: authenticity and consistency.

Nancy’s word for all distribution partners who want to rank higher is: “always be the best version of you! Success leaves clues, and often the people we see on stage are not the same people who started in this business! They have all worked on personal development to varying degrees and they have made it. So can you.” And Paul complements this idea with: “The “4 Steps” really are non-negotiable. All of it! We strive to follow these as consistently as possible, and our greatest growth periods have been when we did!”.



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.


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