There’s still a whole world to discover, even if it is just on the state next to yours. Road tripping gives you the chance of discovering the neighboring areas of your city, and opening your eyes to new landscapes and hidden gems. Let’s discover some of those today! Travalla takes you with the best prices and offers in resorts all around the world.

Monument Valley – Utah and Arizona

Travel through these two states and amaze yourself with the astounding sights of the sandstone formations. This is one of the natural wonders of the American West desert. 

This Navajo Nation Park is known by its original name Tse’Bii’Ndzisgaii and covers 91.696 acres of red sand desert, providing a spellbinding sight. 

Blue Ridge Parkway – North Carolina and Virginia

This famous ride actually covers three states, depending on where you start or which direction you take. This road starts from Cherokee, with the amazing sights of South and goes 469 miles north through Virginia and North Carolina. 


The way is full of greenery and biodiversity: the Appalachian Mountains,, New over, Linville Gorge, Whitewater Falls and Mount Mitchell are some of the many attractions you can find on your trip.

The Loneliest Road – West to East Coast

If you’re feeling adventurous and if you have the time and gear to take this coast to coast road trip, we salute you! The US-50 also known as The Loneliest Road connects the West coast with the East. 


Starting in San Francisco, it crosses California and follows the old Pony Express to Lake Tahoe and into Nevada State. Then, it gets to the Continental Divide, following the Arkansas River, then jumps to Missouri and crosses the Mississippi, getting you to Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Once in the Appalachians in West Virginia, it gets you to the end of the road in Maryland’s Eastern Shore. 

Dare to explore your country and don’t miss the opportunity of seeing some hidden gems in the interior of the US, you won’t regret it! Pack your things, plan your trip safely with Travalla and start your adventure!

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