Daylight savings, that yearly tradition that either makes or breaks your daily pattern… Did you know it has some long-term effects on your brain? Let’s explore this fascinating topic with COGNITION and learn how to make it more gentle on your body and mind this year. 

DST and its effects


The annual change from DST (Daylight saving time) is proven to have important effects in our sleeping patterns. Explained simply, DST eliminates the morning light that synchronizes our biological clocks or circadian rhythms, that’s why we feel its effects so much even when it’s just one hour.


This change causes a shock, similar to what we go through when we go on several hours of sleep deprivation, increasing the risk of heart attacks and ischemic strokes. Your reaction to this, depends on your adaptability and sensibility to these changes. 


In the winter, lack of sunlight stops the production of sleep-inducing melatonin and serotonin, both of these affect our nervous system and take care of our “moods”. That’s why it’s more likely that we get angry or grumpy in the days following the DTS change.

How to manage the DTS effects

One of the main effects in your brain has to do with sleep deprivation. Recovering from that lost hour or extra hour, depending on the moment of the year, can take days and even weeks to get adjusted to. This deprivation can lead to depression or just feeling low for a few days as your body adjusts. 


According to some studies, the key is in exposing yourself to daylight and trying to keep your productivity on point. Supplements like Ganoderma Spore Powder, Vitamin D and FENIX CXT can help your immune system get the support you need to fight low moods, gain more focus, fight fatigue and drowsiness, and instead, make you feel even more energetic.


Keeping track of your sleep patterns can also help you see how flexible your brain is when it comes to DST. If you just need 6 hours of sleep a day, you’ll probably handle it better than someone who needs 8-9 hours. Making a slow shift can help you: days before DTS changes, try to wake up 10 to 15 minutes earlier (or later, depending on the moment of the year).

You can also start limiting your caffeine intake in the evenings and sugar intake to avoid sleep deprivation during those days. It’s all about sleep hygiene and good practices when it comes to going to and getting out of bed. 


We hope DST becomes a thing of the past soon and that you handle it this year like a champ! Our supplements are there to help you nourish your body and provide you the best nutrients to tackle any challenge that gets in your way. 


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