Every OG success story has one thing in common — consistency. Whether you’re signing up new Distributors, building your customer base, or sampling the product, if you’re not doing it consistently, you’ll never be able to breakthrough and reach your full potential with ORGANO™. The Star Achiever Program is one of the longest running recognition programs in OG history and rewards Distributors who consistently build their business every single month. In this spotlight series, we’ll feature some of OG’s brightest stars and hear firsthand how they were able to build a successful OG business by taking advantage of the Star Achiever Program.

Today, we’re featuring Sapphire Willie and Patricia Spradley.

Starting with ORGANO™

Willie and Patricia had a fairly conventional start with ORGANO™. Unlike others who came across the opportunity by chance or through some incredible twist of fate, the Spradleys joined the old fashioned way — attend an opportunity meeting, hear the presentation, join the business.

“Before the presentation was even done, we had decided that since it was coffee, it was a good business decision to join,” says Willie Spradley. ”We were both coffee drinkers and the actual cost to start our own franchise-like opportunity really appealed to us. We joined that evening.”

While their start with ORGANO™ was quite ordinary, their success over the last 6 years has been anything but.

Preparing for Success

In August of 2012, the Spradleys received their most important piece of advice. They knew they needed to purchase more product, however they didn’t have the customers to warrant the purchase. What they didn’t realize, was that they were approaching this situation completely backwards.

“Our mentor told us that until we prepared to receive the customers, we would not get the customers. So, when we got home that night, we placed our very first case order. In that same month, we ended up securing more customers than we could service with that case!”

Soon, the Spradleys would run into a problem that so many successful Star Achievers run into — too much demand. Every month, they needed to purchase more and more product as the demand kept getting higher and higher. As they continued to order more product, they committed even more to the business and started creating more action in Zone 1.

“We are products of the product and immediately shifted our grocery dollars to ensure that we’d consume every product that we sold and become our best customers. We encouraged all our family members and Distributors to do the same. We sampled generously and soon acquired a strong and committed customer base (even before the PC program) and we made sure that we had products to meet the goals we set for bringing in new Distributors.”

The Stars of Retail

One of the best ways to ensure you qualify each and every month as a Star Achiever is to build up a strong customer base. The Spradley’s retail business — both PC and belly-to-belly customers — quickly grew once they committed to becoming Star Achievers.

As mentioned above, the key to their retail success wasn’t just the sampling or purchasing enough product, but rather they first needed to become their own best customers before they could get others. Once they built their strong retail business and started earning monthly residual income, it made it that much easier to start growing their Distributor base.

“We truly believe and understand why the first important step is to ‘be a product of the product’. Once this step is mastered, it gives you time to find the right Distributors to help grow your business. We did not feel anxious or stressed with the time that it took to bring in new people because we had a strong customer base and were making money the #1 way: retail.”

The Spradleys are another example of what it takes to grow a strong ORGANO™ business — commitment to retail, commitment to consistency, and commitment to the system. The Star Achiever Program is designed to help you do all 3 of these things, while providing you with the supplemental income that so many Distributors desire.

If you’re serious about becoming the next Star Achiever success story, then head to your BackOffice, purchase a case, and start becoming your best customer.



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  


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