Christmas may be all the rage for western countries, but some other traditions also take the spotlight in several countries and have almost the same importance as Santa’s arrival with gifts. Let’s discover some of those curious traditions from all around the world, and share yours with us on social media!

La Befana, Italy

Christmas is a thing in Italy thanks to globalization, but an older tradition is even more significant this time of the year. On the eve of Epiphany (Jan 5), Italian parents leave a piece of broccoli, a sausage, and some wine for Befana, an old witch. Legend says that she enters houses through the chimney (just like Santa) bringing presents and candy for good children only. On January 6th, good kids will find amazing gifts in their stockings.


Krampus, Austria

This time is all about bad kids, sadly. Alpine countries celebrate the St Nicholas festivities on December 6th. That night, children make two lists: the good and bad things they have done throughout the year. Good ones get presents, candy, and apples. Bad kids? Krampus, a hairy creature will visit them and punish them for their naughty actions… he might even take one or three!


Yule Goat, Sweden

In Sweden, it is said that Santa doesn’t ride a sleigh to deliver all his presents, instead, he uses a Yule Goat instead! Each year, Swedish people erect giant statues of goats in squares, commemorating the special Night.


Nativities, Latin America

Santa has become a popular figure in Latin America only in recent decades, but previous to that, and still to this day, people in Mexico, Colombia, and other countries put up their Christmas trees but also Nativity scenes or “nacimientos”. Sometimes they even pray a “novena” or nine-day prayer until the birth of baby Jesus, the day in which its figure is added to the scene, and wait until the arrival of the three kings on January 6th. 



St Nicholas, Germany

For Germans, there is no Santa, but St Nicholas. This saint lived in 6000 AD and was a priest. Many other European countries celebrate their festivity on December 5th. On this day, kids must clean and polish their shoes, to leave them outside their door. The next morning, they receive a pleasant surprise: the shoes are filled with sweets and gifts. 




So… Did you know any of these traditions? Do you celebrate any of them? Whatever you do these days, it’s the perfect excuse to meet your family and friends, and celebrate all your success, and toast for a prosperous and healthy 2022. About ORGANO™

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