The detox industry has a wide variety of products, services, and programs that may send your head spinning. A quick Google search of “detox” can pull up a list of juice cleanses, diets, colonics, retreats, and more — how are you supposed to know what the right path is? What if you just want to detox, safely, in the comfort of your own home?

The good news is that detox doesn’t — and really shouldn’t — have to be a 10-day retreat full of green juice and daily colonics. You can safely aid your own body’s natural detox process at home — and it’s not difficult.

What You Need to Detox at Home

The human body is already awesome at removing toxins from the body — but sometimes it needs a little bit of help. Here’s what you should have if you want to detox at home:

  1. Water. Loads of water. One of the major ways your body flushes out unwanted materials is with water. It helps the kidneys function properly and aids the digestive system. Make sure you are consistently drink enough water every day. A good rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight (take the pounds and divide by two) in ounces.
  2. Fiber. The digestive system is at the core of your body’s detox process. To keep it functioning, it needs enough fiber. The average adult woman should strive for 25 grams per day and the average adult man should consume 38 grams per day.
  3. Antioxidants. One of the biggest contributors to cellular and body damage is the abundance of free radicals. Free radicals exists in various places within our environment and are even produced by the body in certain circumstances. A healthy diet that includes plenty of antioxidants helps to ward off free radicals. Supplementing with antioxidant-rich supplements like FENIX DX™ can help round out a balanced diet.

Things to Keep in Mind

When approaching any new lifestyle change, it’s important to do so carefully and consistently. It is safe to support detox at home — but always check with a physician before making any big lifestyle changes.

Be consistent in your habits to achieve optimal results. The body will respond better to daily detox support — like FENIX DX™ — than it will to crash diets or juice cleanses.

Also keep in mind that everyone is different. Your body will respond to diet and lifestyle changes differently than others. Have you tried detoxing at home? What was your experience? Do you have advice for others who want to try a detox support like FENIX DX™?




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