Just as we eat some foods to keep our bodies in shape and provide the nutrients it needs to perform, our brain also needs that level of nourishment, not only to think clearly and have good memory, but also to keep your body as good as ever. After all, our brain is our helm. 


Cognition by Organo has ranked some of the most nutritious foods for your brain, so you can support your neurologic functions and a healthy lifestyle. Check them out and see if you’re incorporating them into your diet!

Tea and Coffee

These beverages are rich in caffeine, the substance responsible for that boost of energy after you have that first cup of Joe in the morning. Coffee and tea are also packed with antioxidants, and tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that supports neurotransmitter activity.

Dark Chocolate

Yay! Great news for chocolate lovers, indulging with a little bit of cacao on a daily basis can give your brain flavonoids, an antioxidant that helps memory and learning patterns.


Nuts and seeds contain omega-3, antioxidants and Vitamin E. All three of them support your brain as it ages, increasing its neuroplasticity, aiding in your memory and learning processes. The omega-3 acids provide healthy fat that doesn’t affect your blood vessels, helping your heart as well.


More antioxidants for your body! Berries are rich in them, especially catechin and quercetin, important compounds that help reduce cognitive decline, inflammation, and increase the plasticity of your brain cells.


And even more! You can check the following video for more amazing ingredients to boost your cognitive functions and support your concentration, learning and reaction abilities.





 Remember, you also need to exercise your brain and there is a very effective way to do so by just spending 6 fun minutes a day with CTS90 powered by Neurotracker



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