The Fuel Your FENIX contest is off to an incredible start! So far, we’ve received hundreds of testimonials from X Challenge participants all over North America and we’re excited to announce Angelica Trejo as the official winner for the month of June.

Angelica has lost 11 pounds since she joined the Challenge on January 15th of this year. We sat down with her today to ask her about her achievements. Let us share with you some pieces of advice she has with everyone trying to reach their weight loss goals.

  • What encouraged you to sign up for the X Challenge?

I signed up because I’ve always liked to win! I knew this challenge would help me stay committed to my weight loss goals and eating healthy.

  • What was your greatest sacrifice while doing the X Challenge?

My hardest sacrifice was not eating the same food than my family, especially on the weekends or at special gatherings.

  • What advice would you give to anyone new to the X Challenge?

Don’t stop drinking your OGX Nutritional Shakes and do not skip them. In case you forget to take them, always carry healthy snacks wherever you go. If you are a 40-hour working person, like me, replace your breakfast and lunch with these Shakes — it’s easier since you won’t have to prepare and pack lunches — and then cook healthy dinners for each week.

  • What’s your favorite reward for living the #X4ever Lifestyle?

My biggest reward is the feeling of competing against myself by looking at pictures of me before and after taking the Challenge. Also, I love the feeling of fitting better in my clothes.

  • Now that you succeeded in the X Challenge, are you setting new goals for yourself? If so, what are they?

Yes, most definitely I’m setting new goals! I feel I’m still under construction, as I’m still competing against myself. I’m finding the will to go walking for at least two or three days every week or to start working out, as I have not yet started an exercise routine. My new goal is to weight 130 pounds or less so, with this being said, I’m in for plenty of walks or exercise.

If you haven’t signed up for the X Challenge or you aren’t logging your testimonials, it’s not too late to start. Fuel Your FENIX contest runs all the way until the end of August, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to earn free products, lose weight, and join the #X4ever movement.

Learn more about the contest here.



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