Have you heard the best-kept secret about America’s national parks? Traveling outdoors during the winter season doesn’t have to be a shivering time. Most national parks in the US are even more beautiful to visit during the winter months!

Once the high season of summer comes to an end and fall foliage hits the ground, the national parks begin to transform into a magical winter wonderland. There are even many destinations with more mild temperatures, that still have breathtaking, snow-topped, pine tree sights to see.

So, if you’re looking to go on a winter break vacation that you’ll never forget, pack your hiking shoes, put on a few extra layers, and get your camera ready for some snow-covered, sparkling views!


Here are America’s most scenic national parks to visit this winter:

Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

If you are looking for a national park that is not too cold, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is known for having more comfortable winter temperatures. The park’s 800 miles of hiking trails will have spectacular morning views and sometimes will only be around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And you’d be surprised! Many days will reach the 60s-70s too.

The Smoky Mountains are located on the border of both North Carolina and Tennessee. This location is perfect to explore different campgrounds, farms, or trails in either state of your choice.


Zion National Park, Utah

Looking for a cozier winter retreat? Winter travelers, look no more! Utah’s most chosen national park to visit is Zion National Park.

The Zion National Park’s cream and pink, sandstone cliffs are conveniently visible from nearby trails and are a great spot to take a scenic drive, go on a hike, or for a cross-country ski.

It is important to note, in this area, most trails will remain open in the winter months, but it is important to check weather reports and routes ahead of time. Not to worry, you can always get cozy next to a fireplace too!


Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

A bucket list destination for many, the Grand Canyon’s 5,000 ft vertical views are sure a sight to see in the winter! In the cooler months, there are breathtaking crisp morning sunrise views you won’t want to miss.

This national park has cottage-style lodges and vintage cabins that keep you nice and warm in one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.


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