To become a member of one of the most respected companies in the global marketplace, and to get paid for enjoying and sharing one of the most sought after treasures in the world and the largest traded commodity after oil – that is the Opportunity that is ORGANO™!  No longer considered a luxury in life, in one form or another, coffee and tea have become a morning, afternoon and evening necessity!

With ORGANO, it’s all about sharing! In order to build a successful business with OG, you will not only want to share our treasured products with each and every new person you meet, you will want to share the company’s culture of promoting success and prosperity for its Distributors – otherwise known as OG Global Family Members!

Mix – Share – Enjoy and Join The OG Family:  The single greatest way to share the expansive line of OG Gourmet Beverages, is to host your very own OG Mixer. Simply put, an OG Mixer is an informal social meeting, set in a comfortable and relaxed environment, to share and enjoy ORGANO™ beverages and to share the opportunity to build a thriving global business, become a preferred customer, or just simply purchase incredible products. And, who better to share fun and creative tips for successful OG Mixers, than our esteemed family of OG Distributors. So, take it in – drink it up – taste every flavor at your next OG Mixer – with these helpful hints from these OG Go Getters on The Go – from across the globe.
OG Consultant – Yael Ausubel Cipion Camilo – Italy: If you ask Yael, his single greatest tip would be – keep it simple, be confident and always be enthusiastic! People are naturally attracted to others who are confident, speak with certainty and who are passionate about the products they sell. Given that OG produces the highest quality coffee in the world and it’s infused with Ganoderma – known as the King of Herbs in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries – I am able to share the OG treasures and opportunity with complete confidence. Enthusiasm is contagious and I have experienced it firsthand; when I am excited, my customers get excited, when my customers are excited – they tend to enjoy (and buy) more of the OG treasures I have to share. Enthusiasm is a great assistant when it comes to creating Preferred Customers, and prospective team members who want to learn how to host an OG Mixer of their very own.


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OG VIP – Sebastián Rubio Cifuentes – USA:  For Sebastián, teamwork – makes dreams work! It’s no secret that being prepared in advance offers the greatest chance for success. Sebastian attributes the success of his mixers – to advanced planning. Sebastián works closely with his OG leaders to schedule his Mixers at the beginning of every month, and he then shares his schedule with his entire team. Exactly two days before every mixer, Sebastián meets with his team to make phone calls confirming attendance and to invite new people they may have just recently met. There will always be “no-shows” when hosting any type of event, but with Sebastian’s pre-planning and team approach – there will not likely be an empty seat in the house! Sebastián also created an impressive decorative display of the expansive OG product line – using his empty product boxes! Well played Sebastián!


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OG Sapphire Consultant – Daniel & Yosemis Perez – USA: For Daniel and Yosemis, it’s all about creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment, when it comes to hosting a successful OG Mixer. Yosemis likes to enhance the mood with some fun and upbeat background music, and by serving their guests cookies or muffins along with their OG treasures – they make their guests feel right at home. Daniel and Yosemis keep it simple by watching the Taste The Gold video, tasting many treasures and briefly sharing the opportunity. And, since OG has recently entered into the weight management industry with the OGX FENIX­™ nutrition shakes, Daniel and Yosemis have even more to share – with everyone who is ready to transform and become #X4ever – and testimonials of those who have already made the first step towards losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.

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OG Diamond Consultant – Warangkhana Chaiwanich & Noppakorn Theerawatchakul -Thailand: For Warangkhana Chaiwanich and Noppakorn Theerawatchakul, it is not just  sharing the expansive OG product line that keeps them inspired and motivated to host one OG Mixer after another – it is believing that people need the products and the opportunity in their lives – but they just don’t know about it yet. Warangkhana and Noppakorn understand the importance of being a product of the product, and with that comes success in rising through the leadership ranks. Warangkhana and Noppakorn also understand the importance of having their family, friends loved ones and customers enjoy the products, and to show them personally how the OG opportunity has allowed them to have a global business of their own and one that will stand the test of time for generations to come. Simply put, be inspired to share the opportunity with those who don’t yet know what they need – that is the OG opportunity of a lifetime – and one opportunity not to be missed!

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Whether it’s robust, smooth, decadent, creamy, light or caffeine free – OG has something for every coffee and tea connoisseur to savor and enjoy. At OG we blend the unequalled power of our unique products with an unparalleled business opportunity that allows our Global Family of Distributors to not only capitalize on the growing health and wellness industry, but to plug into a proven success system. And, it all begins at an ORGANO™ Coffee Mixer!  
We welcome all who want to be part of this great endeavor to join us, because at ORGANO™ we are committed to provide an ever-expanding support system to help you every step of the way. Are You Ready To Mix it Up and Become the Next OG Coffee Success Story?

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