Remember when we could spontaneously travel?

When you could get online and just pick a destination and leave that weekend?

Or even that day?

With the world improving, this sort of adventure is a possibility again. 

No need to stress about planning the “perfect” vacation.

No need to be a plan-aholic, and have every hour, and every minute scheduled.


Do you see yourself hiking up a mountain surrounded by the fresh smell of evergreens? Or maybe you’re sitting on the beach reading a book under the shade of a palm tree listening to the waves wash your worries away, or perhaps you are drinking a latte and finally seeing those big city lights…

We’re here to help you make your spur-of-the-moment trip a reality.  

Here are the top 5 tips for an (almost) spontaneous trip.

  • When and where. If you have dates in mind but can’t put your finger on a destination, search through your favorite airline’s low-fare selection to gather some inspiration. This is a convenient resource to utilize as it may point you in the direction to make a decision. Frequently using this tool, could be a portal between you and several short weekend trips based off of the different deals being offered every week.

Here are some more ways to continue keeping the trip spontaneous when after you arrive. 

  • Stay in a central location. Wherever you are thinking about going, staying in a central location, close to the city center, will give you a lot of options to explore local venues. Instead of checking reviews, get a local’s recommendation on where to eat, they might know the secret place. This will also give you the chance to explore the city on foot.
  • Ask a local for a recommendation. Locals often know the best place in town that might be hidden to the tourist’s eye. There are tons of fantastic options that would be easily overlooked by someone new in town. Sparking conversation might also lead to options and insight into more things to do, or avoid, during your stay.
  • Pick one main thing per day. Planning can be an extremely resourceful tool but it can also overrule our lives and leave us distracted, constantly looking to the “next thing.” Picking one activity to do per day can be a relaxing way to be present and fully immersed in the moment. Reading the local newspaper or calendar of events could also point you to a unique local festival or exciting event going on when you are in town. These events might not be headline travel attractions but could offer an experience into a more intimate perspective of the local life.
  • Be open to plans changing. The whole idea of being spontaneous is that sometimes plans are made up on the whim or change as you start to figure them out. If you find yourself in a busy venue or restaurant that is not impressing you, take a chance to change directions in the moment and adventure to somewhere new. Be open to just wandering around and potentially getting lost. This may lead to finding the hidden highlight of the day. If you do get seriously lost, avoid uncomfortable areas that may seem unsafe. Be sure to check the safety guidelines of a city that is foreign to you.


Keep your vacation the relaxing, mindful, stress-free trip that it is set out to be.

Be sure to check out the CDC travel requirements before planning any trip. 

Updates for the USA and other countries’ news on COVID-19 and traveling information can be found here. 


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